You can get FREE, targeted traffic from Google, even today, in 2016. I do it all the time (watch the video below to see how).

But it’s definitely not easy and involves lots of trial and error. But there is a way to eliminate ALL trial and error, and to get Page 1 rankings every time, almost guaranteed.

Watch this video to see how you can get Page 1 rankings and FREE traffic in any niche:

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X Ranker 360 Review

The best type of traffic is free traffic. And X Ranker 360 helps you get free traffic from Google by helping you rank your videos on Page 1.

Before we get into the details, I want to cover exactly why it works. Typically, to rank your site on Page 1 of Google takes a lot of work. Google has become wickedly smart, and creating a 5-page website targeting a phrase such as “MXL Tempo Microphone Review” simply no longer works. This tactic worked well in 2005, but not in 2016.

In today’s world, the websites that are getting Page 1 rankings in Google are websites with high authority and high number of pages. Websites such as Wikipedia and Quora command insane rankings. And one of these websites with very high authority is YouTube. Of course it helps that YouTube is also owned by Google, so it gets a little bit of preferential treatment.

YouTube search results are almost everywhere. Nearly every keyword that you type in, you can see there is a YouTube video for it on Page 1. And guess what? Those videos ranking on Page 1 are getting lots and lots of free traffic, every single day. There are people making $1000+ every single day from nothing more than just ranking those videos on Page 1 of Google.

So, my point here is: if you can make videos, upload them to YouTube and rank them on Page 1, then you can get FREE traffic from Google, easily.

Yet, most people who try this, fail. Why? Because they create videos for high-competition keywords, they create 3-5 videos, they upload them, they don’t get any traffic and they give up. What they don’t understand is that: (1) You need to choose low competition keywords BEFORE creating videos and test lots of keywords quickly, (2) You actually do need to make lots of videos pretty quickly, without overthinking and (3) You need to build some links to your videos to boost them.

So the problems that we need to solve are:

  • What keywords should we target when we make our videos, to maximize our chances of appearing on Page 1?
  • How can we make the videos easily, without appearing on camera?
  • How can we ensure that our videos actually rank?

This is what X Ranker 360 is designed to do. Here is step by step what it does:

Keyword Research Module

It has a built-in research module which allows you to find and analyse keywords. It gives a score and some vital stats for each keyword you enter. It also pulls up 250 related keywords which you can also consider. You then get a very clear picture of how easy or hard it would be to get a Page 1 ranking for that keyword

1-Click Video Creation

This is where the cool thing is: once you have selected some keywords, you can create a YouTube Live video for that keyword WITHOUT EVER BEING ON CAMERA. It’s literally instant. You click “create”, and a YouTube Live event gets created. You’re done.

YouTube Live is a type of placeholder which you can schedule for some time in the future, for example, for tomorrow or the day after. At the designated time, you’re expected to broadcast something, but not immediately. The point of doing this YouTube Live is that you can take your 50 or 100 keywords, create 50 or 100 of these YouTube live events scheduled for next week, and then see in 3-5 hours which ones rank on Page 1 of Google and which ones don’t.

You see how powerful this is? You make 100 of these YouTube Live events. Let’s say 10 or 20 of them rank in Top 10 on Google Page 1. Then you discard the other 80 or 90. This way you ALREADY know that there is huge potential with the remaining 10 or 20 (since they’re already ranking). Then you simply broadcast very simple short videos at the scheduled time and you don’t even have to be on camera.

All that means that you can maintain those Page 1 rankings for your Live events.

Backlink Builder

Additionally, there is a module, included in the main product, which allows you to build some social links and signals to your videos to further boost the rankings.

How Do You Get Actual Traffic?

Once you end up with your 10 or 20 videos which are ranking, you’ll get visitors to them, and you’ll get views.

At this point, you can insert links to anything you want – affiliate offers, CPA offers, etc. You do that using Annotations and Description. All of that is shown inside the training area.


This is a powerful software which can help you eliminate all guesswork when it comes to ranking on Page 1 of Google to get free traffic in any niche.

It’s smart, and I know it works because I am using a very similar strategy, except mine is not automated as I didn’t have this software before.

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X Ranker 360 Review

X Ranker 360 Review

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Greg Kononenko
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