Do you need targeted traffic? Today, I am talking about a 10-click software that allows you to start getting excellent amounts of traffic to your blog, eCom store, optin page, anywhere you want.

This traffic works in any niche: health and fitness, make money, pets, dogs, kids, literally any niche.

It’s really smart, I actually thought of making a software like this myself. I think you’re really going to like it.

Watch the video below to see exactly how you can get tons of targeted traffic in 10 clicks:

Click Here To Buy WP Video Machine + Get My Bonus (goes live at 10am New York time)
Click Here To Buy WP Video Machine + Get My Bonus (goes live at 10am New York time)

WP Video Machine Review

WP Video Machine is a really smart WordPress plugin, which goes live for sale at 10am New York time on Monday 18th of February.

It can get you tons of free traffic, in any niche. You can use this traffic for your affiliate marketing, eCom stores, blog, optin pages. You can use it for anything really.

Here is exactly how it works:

Where does the traffic come from?

Traffic comes from YouTube. We all know that YouTube is one of the biggest websites in the world. It has plenty of people searching for solutions to problems such as “how to lose weight” or “best credit card”.

If only you could put up YOUR videos onto YouTube, in front of these desperate people searching for “how to lose weight”… Imagine getting 100,000 views on a video about that topic? And imagine how many people will click on a link that you recommend? (by the way, average click rate in description is around 4% so that would be 4000 clicks to your affilliate offer).

That would be awesome, but making videos is sooo haaaard!

That’s where WP Video Machine comes in…

How does WP Video Machine get you that traffic?

By producing automated videos. It can convert any text into a video with images, music, links, etc. And it auto-posts it for your on your YouTube channel.

Here is how:

  • You copy/paste some text into it (you can use your own blog post or just take some PLR. Any text will work)
  • You nominate which images to show in the slideshow (you can use your own images, or use over 1,000,000 searchable images from right inside WP Video Machine)
  • Set a few options such as the accent of the voiceover, etc
  • Press “Go”, and it will make an awesome video for you!

Just like that, you can get a very cool-looking video, in a few clicks.

So in 1 day, you can produce probably 10 videos, or more.

And imagine uploading all these high quality videos to Youtube – there is a great potential for your videos to start getting 10, 50, 100 or more views a day! And if you upload even just 5 videos a day, for 30 days, that’s 150 videos…

Each of those 150 videos can easily get 50 views a day – so that’s 7500 views a day, just like that! Around 4-5% of those will turn into clicks to your affiliate link etc. So that can easily be 100-400 clicks a day to your affiliate links etc.

Hope you can see the TRUE POWER of this.

Click Here To Buy WP Video Machine + Get My Bonus (goes live at 10am New York time)

Verdict – What Do I Think?

This is a high-quality software. I wanted to make one just like that a while ago, just never got around to it.

If you need traffic, this is a super-solid way to get it.

And with my bonus (details below), you will be able to get even more traffic.

Pricing of the Frontend and OTO’s

Main Product, WP Plugin, $27

This will get you traffic to any link in any niche, in just a few clicks.


If you buy WP Video Machine Pro via my link, you will also get these bonuses: (look inside your WarriorPlus download area):

Bonus 1: My own method of driving FREE traffic to your affiliate promotions (Value $27)

This is a course that I previously sold for $27. It’s perfect for The Banger Method and will show you one more way of getting FREE traffic to your affiliate campaigns. I still use it daily and it works great.

Bonus 2: 5x of My Case Studies of me Making Money Using This Method (used to sell for $37)

You will get access to 5 of my own real-life case studies from using the Banger Method, from which you can learn and which you can replicate.

Bonus 3: Learn How We Get 100,000 Monthly Visitors To Our Sites For Free! (Value $17)

This is one of my previous courses (Pullii) that will show you how to get massive, free traffic to your offers in virtually any niche.

Bonus 4: My advanced course on Facebook Traffic (selling for $67 right now!)

Learn how I drive Facebook Traffic for as low as $0.01 – 0.05 a click.

Bonus 5: WP Video Ace Plugin (Selling for $15 right now, yours free)

Multiply your sales on your website with amazing conversion technology.

Bonus 6: Reseller Licence to WP TWEET MACHINE 2 RESELLER LICENSE

Get 100% commissions on selling this amazing software

Bonus 7: WP Left Behind (Value: $97) 

Using this plugin for Dual Launches Brings You More Sales. Use two platforms like Jvzoo and WarriorPlus for your product launch and use this plugin to direct traffic to the right pages and order buttons.

Bonus 8: WP IM marketing Graphics (Value: $97)

No more will you have to pay huge money to buy graphics for your marketing.

This plugin lets you instantly Add marketing graphics to any WordPress page or post.

Bonus 9: WP Sales Robot (Value: $97)

Can you double or even triple your income from the same traffic? Yes now you can.

This plugin will dramatically Increase Your Sales Conversions on any sales page created using WordPress.

Bonus 10: WP Review Me (Value: $97)

People buy based on friendly recommendations, thats why its extremely important to have reviews on your website.

This plugin will increase your sales and commissions by skyrocketing your conversions.

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab “WP Video Machine” through my link:

Click Here To Buy WP Video Machine + Get My Bonus (goes live at 10am New York time)

NOTE: to get the bonuses, please check in the Warrior Plus Access area for Greg Kononenko Bonus. If you have any issues please contact me via Contact page or via a reply to any of my emails.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

My name is Greg Kononenko and I am a full-time online blogger and owner of Dad's Hustle. I'm a dad, and my passion is to help other mums and dads to start their own "hustle" and improve the financial future of their families.

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