If you are a bit of a speed demon, a car fanatic and love nothing more than perfecting the handling of your motor, you might think that it’ll be nigh on impossible to live without your car. However, if your finances are showing you that you need to sell off some of your big ticket items and that you need to cut back in order to stay in the black, you might have no choice but to adapt to a car free lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you have to walk everywhere, you can’t go anywhere outside a five mile radius of your home or you will no longer have any chance to drive a vehicle, it simply means you will need to think outside the box.

Source An Alternative Vehicle

Luckily, cars are not the only mode of transport we see on our roads, but sadly, they can be one of the most expensive. Instead, why not consider a moped or scooter. These vehicles are ridiculously cheap in comparison, and you won’t need any additions to your licence unless you are planning on purchasing a more powerful motorbike. Fuel will be less, and the insurance for two wheeled motors can be much cheaper. By sticking to a smaller engine size, you will learn to enjoy the thrill of two wheels rather than four. Simply ensure that you have the number of a motorcycle accident lawyer should you ever need to call on their services and that you understand the specific hazards on the road that all motorcyclists should be aware of.

Go Public

Instead of owning your own vehicle, you could slash your transport costs by opting to travel via public transport instead. Purchasing a season ticket to get to work each week can result in mammoth savings. Rail passes and discount cards can also be utilized especially when you are taking family days out or heading on longer journeys. Buses also make useful modes of transport especially if you do plenty of inner city travel each year. The only time a vehicle is required is if you live out in the sticks and public transport is hard to come by or services are few and far between.

Have A Car – Just Don’t Own It

There are plenty of alternatives to actually owning a car in order to drive one day in, day out. Sometimes public transport and motorcycles are not practical especially if you have a couple of offspring in tow. Instead of purchasing a car from the local showroom, investigate car hire schemes and leasing a car without a contract. By doing this, you often don’t have to pay any maintenance costs for the vehicle, and you only have to pay for it when you use it. You’ll still get your automobile kicks without the financial pressures that go alongside owning one.

Initially, you may think that life without a car is not an option for your household. However, if you consider the three options detailed here, you may be able to shave your expenditure each month, remain financially buoyant and still enjoy your time out on the road.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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