How to make money without a job: 21 awesome ways

We have a super-cool topic to discuss today: best ways to make money without a job. Pretty exciting right? Normally people slave away at a job for a wage, but if you do a bit of research you’ll see that it’s completely possibly to get money with no job at all!

We live in a time when it can be really tough to get a regular job. Even if you find it, the salary may not be enough for all the expenses. As a dad, I understand this situation perfectly.

If you also want to escape the ordinary desk jobs, and be your own boss, then check out all of these unusual yet exciting ways to make money both online and offline. Just have fun while doing it!

1. Enter Game Shows, Contests, And Competitions

What’s more thrilling than being a star on TV and plus getting paid to do so? The best way to achieve this is by entering one of the popular game shows in your region and display your knowledge (or luck) to the viewers. The only condition is that you have to be comfortable in front of cameras and stay for insanely long shootings.

Also, contests and competitions can bring you money without an actual job in an office. Yes, the odds can be a bit low. But why not entering every contest and competition you can find? The best thing that can happen is winning and receiving a prize (which you can sell if you don’t like).

2. Do Calligraphy

Is your handwriting good? Use it to make money without a job! Do you like having a pen in your hand all the time? This might be just for you if you answered yes to those two questions. Your masterful calligraphy skills can easily be transformed into cash especially during the bustling wedding season. Baby showers, birthday parties, and other special events, too, require beautiful handwritten letters, signs, envelopes and such.

To succeed in this freelancing business, try reaching out to other calligraphers for referrals as well as promoting yourself on social media. Also, try Etsy.

3. Cook For Others

Putting your cooking skills to test is an excellent way to get some fast money without a job. Although you may not believe it, lots of people would pay for a personal chef that would cook them amazing meals for a certain fee. Before you decide to do this, advertise your cooking techniques and make sure the meals and the ingredients are always healthy and fresh.

Another amazing thing is organising a bake sale or a dinner where your guests would have to buy tickets to attend. EatWith is a wonderful community bringing together experienced chefs and foodies in numerous cities around the world.

4. Scan Your Groceries

Speaking of food, have you heard of the National Consumer Panel or NCP for short? They simply pay you to scan all the groceries you buy. That way you provide valuable information to manufacturers and retailers on which products they can improve, the popularity of their brand and stuff like that.

Sign up, download the smartphone app and go on a scanning barcodes trip. What’s more, when you scan you may be asked to say where you bought the item as well as the price.

Weekly, you get points which you can redeem for money.

5. Play Video Games

Did you know that playing your favourite video game from the comfort of your own home can bring you a huge amount of cash? Yes, it worked for Anshe Chung who became a millionaire thanks to this. On games like Second Life and World of Warcraft, you can sell items and property and make money without a job.

The only thing is, you need to seriously dedicate yourself to creating your characters/properties as great as possible.

6. Rent Out Your Room/Car

Making money without a job can be easier if you decide to rent out some of your belongings. Your spare room gathering dust can be the first to go. People (mostly tourists and travellers) will pay you for staying at your house, so you’ll fill your wallet without breaking any sweat. You can offer your empty rooms while you’re on a holiday outside of the city. Airbnb is a great platform for that.

Another idea is to rent out your car and your parking spot. Especially if you live in a busy city, you’ll find a lot of people who need this.

7. Become Someone’s Friend

The question how to make money without a job can’t get a more creative (and a bit weirder) answer. Become someone’s friend and get paid for it. Sites like Rent a Friend and Rent a Local Friend offer a lot of options and opportunities to meet someone wanting a friend.

You can earn a lot of cash just by being friendly, sociable, communicative, and positive. Going to the cinema, a bar, attending an event or walking around are only some of the exciting things you’re supposed to do.

And the pay starts at $10 per hour, so it’s a pretty awesome deal.

8. Drive

All the development in technology has brought more advanced ways to make money without a job. One of the most paid ones is driving people around.

And I don’t mean taxi.

The likes of Uber and Lyft constantly make the headlines. Thanks to their services you can apply to work as a driver. Your task, actually, is to be some kind of a personal driver to people that need a ride.

The only condition is to have a new car (bought later than 2004 would be best).

9. Post And Comment On Forums And Sites

Since your priority is to sit before your computer screen and get money fast, I recommend this easy and interesting opportunity.

There are legit websites that give money to users willing to write posts and comments on various blogs, sites, and forums. You can write on any topic, state your opinion or offer suggestions. Only try to sound natural; no-one reads robotic texts anymore. Also, have fun, because that will show in your words.

Some sites you can check out are:

10. Be A Ghost Shopper

Do you like shopping and wandering about in malls and stores all day? Wait until you hear that you can do your favourite thing in the world for money!

People, who have a lot of cash but little time on their hands, will hire you to shop for them. When you deliver the goods back to them, they’ll give you a fee in exchange for your service.

The key point here is to build a strong reputation as a ghost shopper so that more clients can hire you and ultimately trust you with their funds. To do this, make sure you always deliver what was ordered on time and respect the budget you were given.

11. Sell Your Belongings

We all have a bunch of stuff we no longer use or need lying around. So why not sell them and get some money without having to work.

Starting from your old books, which you can sell on sites like Cash4Books and BookScouter, furniture and electronics to jewellery, clothes, toys, and other household items, the possibilities are endless. You can even offer your old coins and earn a huge amount on them. The older the better, right?

Believe it or not, the market for used belongings is quite big. If you’re wondering where to advertise what you’re selling, try eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist, Facebook groups, other online platforms, thrift shops, garage sales, and everywhere else you can think of.

12. Perform In The Street

The street presents a lot of interesting ways to make money without an actual job. It’s basically the simplest platform where you can prove what you’re made of and demonstrate your talent.

Whether it’s singing, playing an instrument, acting out, street painting, dancing or anything else you’re good at, it’ll bring you enough money to pay the bills. Maybe even more than that if you’re very successful.

Aside from this, you can get paid for holding up a sign to a nearby shop or business. Yes, the good old ‘sign twirling’ never gets out of fashion. While you’ll be having the time of your life holding the sign or doing some dancing moves to attract visitors, there’s one downside to consider. In some situations, you may be asked to wear a silly costume.

Also, don’t forget to check if your town’s law permits these types of street activities.

13. Do Online Surveys

Maybe it won’t bring you a monthly salary, but completing online surveys is definitely a great way to earn a few more bucks. All you need to do is go to sites like OpinionOutpost, VIP Voice, SurveySavvy or SurveySpot and start clicking.

Although most of the survey sites give rewards in gift cards, you can find some that let you redeem your points in actual PayPal cash. So, if you have more free time, use it to fill in a few surveys while sitting in your room.

Only make sure that your chosen website or survey app is legitimate before you begin.

14. Make And Upload Videos

Nowadays, the Internet expansion brought another interesting possibility for making money without an actual job. It revolves around making videos and uploading them online.

YouTube is, of course, on the top when it comes to attracting a vast audience that’ll watch your videos. Literally, everyone comes to this site when they want to watch a video. This opens countless of opportunities for you. You can either film yourself while playing a game, offer tutorials or even talk about subjects interesting to you. The more people watch you, the more money you’ll earn.

Aside from YouTube, you can try Break or Twitch if you’re into ‘vidding’ gameplays.

However, make no mistake. Making videos requires a lot of creativity and work, so dedicate yourself fully to crafting compelling videos that people will like.

15. Participate In Mock Trials

This is your chance to become an online jury and get paid for it. Yes. There are actual websites, which organise mock trials for lawyers and other clients in the law field.

The main idea is for the lawyers to see if their case will be successful in the real court. By using mock trial sites, they get an opportunity to present their strategy before an online jury and see what can be improved.

This is where you come in as a part of the online jury. You can judge, learn how trials go and make some cash without leaving your house.

Some mock trial sites you can try are OnlineVerdict and eJury.

16. Recycle Old Phone

You must have an old mobile phone lying somewhere around your house. So, why not use it to make money?

Sites like Verizon, O2 and Mazuma will pay you for your old phone. They’ll measure the true value of your device and accordingly compensate it with money. Usually, they need it for the parts or simply to protect the environment. In any case, it’s worth a shot.

What’s more, you can turn to your friends and relatives and see if they have some old phones, too. That way you can make more bucks.

17. Be A Tutor

Are you good with kids? And most importantly, do you see yourself as an expert in a certain language, mathematics or any other subjects? If you nodded to this, then pay close attention.

The tutoring business is gaining ground and that is because tutors get quite a lot of coin for their generous input. Not to mention that, you meet new people, help them, and build powerful relationships with your students. will help you with this.

18. Craft Holiday-Themed Items

The holiday season is just around the corner – Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and so on. People are always in a good mood then and glad to put another gorgeous decoration in their home. If you want to get some bucks in your budget with no job, then take advantage of the chance.

Although you may not find a lot of fairs these days, you can promote your crafts on Etsy or a similar site. Also, businesses are the ones that always decorate for any special occasion, so they can be your perfect customers.

19. Walk Dogs

All pet lovers, assemble! Dog owners are constantly searching for someone to walk their dogs while they’re at work. So if you don’t mind hearing barks all day and playing fetch, consider this way to make money without a job.

Search for opportunities like these around your neighbourhood, in the newspapers or online on sites such as Wag.

20. Sell Your Photos

Got an eye for a good photograph? Then snap it and sell it online.

Believe it or not, a lot of buyers are looking for original images every day. You can get in touch with them through sites like Fotolia or Shutterstock.

But if you’re a more amateur type of photographer, going about and taking pictures on your iPhone or Android, you can try selling your stuff on Foap.

21. Write Slogans

Finally, you can use your creativity to make money sitting before your computer screen. How? By writing slogans, of course.

A lot of companies need people, who can describe the brand in a few words and turn that into a slogan. And they pay a lot, too. In some cases, the rate can reach $50 per word!

You just post your slogan online on different sites that accept and sell slogans and there you go. Try your chances on Slogan Slingers or GetaSlogan or offer your skills on Freelancer.

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Have you tried any of these ways to make money without a job? Do you want to add some more? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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      One of the ways to make money i like most is the street performance. Never heard of this.

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      I loved the ideas.
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      All this are also part of hustling… I just want to sit at the comfort of my house and see money falling from above

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