How bad is Manila’s traffic? Among over 200 cities, it ranked the second-worst in 2019. If you’re a commuter in the Philippine capital, you need all the help you need to survive the busy concrete jungle.

You can begin with these tips:

1. Move Closer to Your Workplace

You will spend about two hours on the road on a typical day because of Manila’s heavy traffic. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time there, move closer to your workplace.

Because the capital is enormous, you have many options for a home. You can look for condos for sale, for example. Most follow the play-work-shop concept, which means that you can live, work, and shop in one convenient place.

Another choice is to rent a room in a condo or house along your route. It should be near your workplace and other areas you visit frequently. Although you will pay less than buying a condo, you might not enjoy some privacy. You also need to follow house rules and interact with people of different personalities.

2. Work Remotely

If you don’t mind doing a job from your home, consider working remotely. Look for companies that allow employees to work from home or start a business.

Remote work is ideal for employees who do not need to visit clients regularly. For example, if you’re in sales and marketing, you can use social media networks to interact with your customers and follow up on leads. You can also use Skype or other communication platforms to meet your clients.

If you’re a writer, editor, or designer, you can work from home without sacrificing output quality. You can use platforms to collaborate on projects with other company employees.

Remote work eliminates the need to go out of your house and travel in heavy traffic daily. However, it requires self-discipline since no one will monitor how you spend your time. You should also have a strong Internet connection and a suitable work area, like an extra room or porch.

3. Start Your Day Early and Leave Late

Although Manila’s roads seem busy all the time, they’re the heaviest during rush hours. These are from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and then from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

If you have the grit and patience, consider leaving significantly early in the morning and late in the evening. This way, you can avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic and a flood of commuters.

You can begin working on your deliverables the following day in the evening. This way, you feel less stressed.

4. Do Something Productive When on the Road

If you can’t work remotely and have to leave early for your job, find something productive to do while on the road. You can read books, listen to audiobooks, or learn a new skill.

You can also use this time to organize your thoughts and plan your day. This is especially helpful if you’re working on a big project that requires a lot of time, such as writing a book or presenting a proposal to a client.

Be reflective. Think about the things you’re grateful for in life. Practice mindfulness and focus on your breathing. Doing these can help reduce stress and make you feel happier.

5. Learn to Drive or Ride a Motorcycle

Learning how to drive and ride a motorcycle can help you avoid public transportation. You’re in control of your time, so you don’t need to wait for the next bus or jeepney on the road.

You also have more options for routes. For example, if one road is heavy with traffic, you can find another one with less. You can escape the Manila traffic and head to the province to unwind on weekends.

Although it is challenging to learn how to drive and ride a motorcycle, the benefits outweigh the costs. You’ll get to your destination faster, and you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

6. Give Yourself Time to Rest

Traffic stress is real, so give yourself time to rest. If your boss allows it, try taking a day off from work. You can also do self-care activities during the weekends, like going for a massage or spending time with family and friends.

Self-care is vital because it restores your energy and allows you to be more productive. When you’re stressed, you are also prone to making poor decisions.

It’s also crucial that you get enough sleep at night. Most people need around eight hours of sleep per day. If you can’t get enough rest, consider using a noise machine or white noise app to help you fall asleep faster.

You can also try using an aromatherapy diffuser to get a good night’s sleep. Lavender oil is known for its relaxing effects. If all else fails, take a power nap during the day. A 20-minute nap will help refresh your body and mind.

The heavy traffic in Manila can be frustrating, but there are ways to survive it. These tips will help you stay sane during rush hours and make the most of your time.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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