A real estate buy-and-sell investment is an excellent option if you’re looking to invest your money and expect lucrative returns. Whether you decide to purchase a residential house or a commercial property, this industry offers good opportunities if you do enough preparation. Here are some tips if you want to start a home buy-and-sell business:

Find a Trusted Real Estate Professional

It’s crucial to find a reliable real estate professional you can trust. Avoid individuals who just want to earn a commission, then disappear once the transaction is finished. Choose someone who is an expert in the market and process of real estate transactions. Ensure that they are also keen on details in the contract that you’re signing.

Always check their licenses first. Ensure that they are recognized by your state’s professional regulatory commission and check their other credentials. These organizations oversee the real estate service to the highest ethical standards.

Also, make sure to interview them. Ask your chosen real estate agent’s experience, sales history, core values, and how they operate. You can also ask about their specialties or professional awards. Like other careers, real estate agents have specific areas of expertise. Chemistry is also an essential factor. It’s ideal for working with someone whose values and personality match yours.

Figure Out Your Target Market

Determine which market segment you want to target to know what type of home you will purchase. Small families might want to invest in more prudent, child-friendly houses close to great amenities. Conversely, families with older children will look to buy a home that has ample space. Young professionals with high-paying jobs might want to stay close to the city center and invest in luxury condominiums.

Remember that you’re less likely to profit from your investment if it’s not compatible with the market. For instance, say you want to invest in a luxurious property in an area considered a low-income market segment. You won’t earn that much because the residents don’t have enough buying power to avail your property.

This is why real estate developers categorize their projects following the target market in that specific area. If you do the same, you’re likely to gain more profits, and you can maximize your market’s purchasing power.

Assess Your Budget

Foundation issues don’t necessarily mean you need to walk away from a home you’re interested in buying. However, you should exercise caution and not rush into a sale. Before you sign anything, ask an experienced foundation repair contractor or a structural engineer to inspect the house. While foundations are the most critical feature of any structure – including residential homes – problems with them aren’t always easy to spot.

Real estate investment is undoubtedly costly, especially if you’re purchasing a property in a busy city. Various property types also have different price points, so make sure you pay before committing to an investment.

Aside from the down payment, other fees you should consider are registration fees, reservation fees, and monthly mortgage if you’re applying for a bank loan. You also need to ensure that you have enough emergency funds to be prepared for any maintenance or repairs that your property may require.

Aside from assessing your budget, you also have to know your financial goals to help you come up with a more comprehensive investment plan. For instance, you can ask yourself important questions like how much your revenue will be if you opt to rent it out or how you can earn from your property. This will help you maximize your investment’s profitability as it’s aligned with your set goals.

Consider a Good Location and Accessibility

Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes to figure out the best location for your property. Some main driving factors for saleability are multiple exits and main roads that lead to the property. Amazing panoramic views and accessibility to everything a family needs, such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, and leisure areas, are also factors people consider. Here are other factors you should consider in finding a good location:

Investing in buy-and-sell real estate is an excellent idea. It offers tremendous potential for returns, and the industry is thriving. It’s one perfect way to grow your hard-earned money as long as you do enough research and preparations to choose which property you should invest in. Proper assessment of your target property and financial situation can maximize your returns and achieve your investment goals.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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