Cryptocurrencies are an exciting new asset class that offers tremendous potential as a new source of digital wealth. Unfortunately, the crypto market is also volatile, with frequent news of recent hacks and token price drops. As a result, many prospective investors find it hard to get started in this space or develop a worthwhile long-term strategy for their portfolios. Even if you’re dipping your toes into the world of cryptocurrencies, there are several things you need to know before you invest. Following the advice in this article can help ensure your first steps into the crypto world go smoothly and lead to further investment opportunities down the road!


Research Before Investing

The first step toward building a successful crypto portfolio is to do your research. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a big deal, and you must understand what you’re getting into before you make any commitments. One of the best ways to start getting informed about this space is by reading blog posts by industry experts, scanning subreddits and forums, and following the latest news from industry leaders in the space. Getting informed will also help you to avoid investing in scams and fraudulent schemes. This article is an excellent guide for beginners, but there are also many other online resources you can use to learn more about how cryptocurrencies work and how to invest in them safely.

Don’t Make Rash Decisions Based on Market Fluctuations.

Even though the crypto market is highly volatile, with daily fluctuations of 10% or more, you don’t want to base your investment decisions on the day-to-day price swings. Instead, you should focus on long-term price trends. Since crypto is new, there’s no way to know if it will be successful or not. Therefore, the only way to determine if crypto is worth investing in is by evaluating its long-term price trend. A good rule of thumb for deciding which cryptos to invest in is to look at the Top 20 Tokens based on their market capitalization.

Secure Your Wallet

Before investing in specific cryptocurrencies, you’ll want to ensure you have a secure wallet such as an OWNR Wallet to store them. This is especially important if you plan to hold cryptocurrencies long-term. You don’t want to keep your coins in exchange for the long term, as this is an insecure and unsafe way to store them. For beginners, using a hardware wallet is the easiest way to secure your coins. This is a physical device in which you can store your coins and connect to your computer to send and receive coins. Ideally, you’ll want to use two-factor authentication (2FA) on your hardware wallet and your exchange wallet to protect your coins from hackers and scammers.

Know Your Risk Tolerance

Before you start investing in any specific cryptocurrencies, you’ll want to think about your risk tolerance. Every new (and seasoned!) crypto investor goes through a learning curve of finding the right balance between risk and reward. But before you jump into the markets, it’s essential to recognize that risk is inherent in any investment. Anyone serious about investing and creating a crypto portfolio must realize there is a certain level of risk. Before investing in specific coins, you’ll want to understand your risk tolerance. This will help you to know how much of your portfolio should be in riskier coins.

Appreciate Crypto Isn’t A Get Rich Quick Plan

Finally, it would be best if you appreciated that building a successful crypto portfolio isn’t a get-rich-quick plan. While there are people who have made enormous fortunes investing in cryptocurrencies, this isn’t an easy feat for everyone. In fact, it takes patience, hard work, and an appreciation for the long-term nature of this asset class. It’s vital that you set achievable goals when you first start investing in cryptocurrencies. You must also understand the amount of time and effort that successful investing requires. You can’t expect to invest in a few coins and then be rich in a year. Instead, you should appreciate that investing in the crypto market is a long-term endeavour.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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