With numerous scientific research backing the premise that attractive smiles = aligned smiles = increase in confidence, it is no wonder that many people are flocking online searching for ‘Invisalign dentist near me’.

A British survey revealed that 84 per cent of respondents believed that bad looking teeth had a negative impact on how a person looked. This kind of anxiety is more of a norm rather than an exception as there is a continued surge in adult orthodontics, in particular, removable, virtually invisible, aligner-based braces.

Traditionally speaking, the main goal of orthodontic treatments was to improve dental hygiene, health and function. However, in recent times the focus has shifted towards cosmetic goals (particularly for young and older adults). These cosmetic goals are no longer considered merely superficial because modern society appreciates the look of a pleasing smile to be far worthier now than in the past.

Modern values of a smile

An attractive smile, made possible through orthodontic help, benefits the individual more than creating a viral-worthy selfie and, now, there is a heavy influence on self-confidence to take it more seriously. Without this boost in confidence gained by a winning smile, individuals shy away from putting themselves ‘out there’ in public. Being too conscious of their smile, these individuals tend to withdraw from social activities and meeting new people and find themselves avoiding job opportunities in public or people-facing careers. Talent may take second place to the perception that others have about one’s appearance.

We can’t help it – human beings are hard-wired to respond to physical attractiveness. Attractive people usually seem to get the positive end of the stick: they are generally treated better than less attractive people.

The might behind dental hygiene and oral health

While there is much to support the aesthetic value of dental attractiveness, it should not be forgotten that the first goal of orthodontics will always be to promote better dental hygiene and health.

There is a strong link between aligned teeth and improved dental hygiene. By correcting issues like spacing between teeth, people will find that they have less of a struggle getting the toothbrush bristles and floss thread into difficult corners. And as the NHS continues to remind us, a clean set of teeth is a hallmark of oral hygiene.

Teeth that are easier to clean have a tremendously positive impact on gum health as plaque and bacteria are less likely to thrive on clean teeth and gums. This results in the reduced likelihood of other oral health issues (bad breath, gum infections and tooth decay) making an appearance.

Another oft-forgotten benefit of a clean mouth is that the mouth is better placed to support an orthodontic treatment plan in this state. For braces to do their job effectively, they need teeth and gums to remain in good health or else any benefits gained from orthodontic help will be lost down the line.

Orthodontic treatments are open to patients of all ages. A reliable diagnosis of one’s oral health or professional smile evaluation is granted during a consultation with a suitably qualified dental practitioner.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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