Navigating through life’s challenges can be a daunting task, and when an unforeseen event befalls us, it becomes even more demanding. When a relative, friend or close family member passes away, there is the added complication of emotional stress. It, therefore, makes sense to use a probate solicitor Emsworth to sort out the financial affairs of that person.

Understanding probate

It is often best to defer to those who have the knowledge and skills to deal with a particular area of expertise and allow them to get on with it while you deal with what you are best at doing. Understanding the legal complexities of dealing with a deceased’s estate, especially when the person was a close relative, is enough to tax even the strongest person’s mental durability. Why try when a competent team dedicated to handling deceased estates is available to take the burden off your shoulders. The whole process requires a lot of searching and settling of debts to arrive at a positive balance for distribution.

Dealing with family at a time of crisis

Families often face extreme difficulties understanding the legal implications, especially when it comes to money. It, therefore, makes even greater sense to keep out of the whole process and allow the professionals to deal with a deceased estate. Having an independent entity that is not emotionally involved with or related to any of the parties makes all decisions impartial. Family members are more likely to accept a decision made by an unconnected independent party than a member of the family or someone close to the deceased. Using a law firm that has over sixty years of legal experience and is best placed to find a solution to almost every problem makes enormous sense. Dealing with family disputes that may arise, especially because of money, requires experience. A firm that has been around for decades will have the experience to diffuse most family fallouts arising from matters relating to a deceased estate.

Ensuring all legal protocols are followed

An inexperienced person trying to handle a deceased’s estate could find themselves in serious trouble even if it is proven that they made a genuine mistake. This is because the executor of an estate is liable for following the correct legal processes. Determining which taxes have to be paid and ensuring that those debts are paid timeously is an onerous undertaking and not a task recommended for the inexperienced individual.

National and international

Handling probate gets even more complicated the more money that is involved and if international assets are involved. If it is necessary to liquidate international assets to settle debts, then the whole probate process can become extremely complicated.


As if all the paper, searching and various processes were not enough, in the end, the assets have to be distributed. This is where families can become reluctant to accept what they are entitled to receive. If there is no will, the state will provide guidance on how the assets are to be disbursed. If there is a will, assets will be disbursed in accordance with the wishes of the deceased; this does not mean that everyone will be happy, and this is where an experienced solicitor earns their fee.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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