Hi guys, I’ve just finished my Shareify review video. I have reviewed the claims, verified that the method actually works, and that the seller is really doing what they’re teaching.

Read my Shareify review below, or watch the video review to see who it’s for, how it works, and what issues I see with this system (I like to point out issues if I see any).

So what is Shareify? It’s a video course, broken into 9 modules, which shows how you can make money by making simple video courses and placing them on platforms such as Skillshare and Udemy. The good thing about is that you DON’T even have to get your own traffic. Skillshare and Udemy will get the traffic for you.

Watch the video below to see my honest review of Shareify:

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Shareify Review

Whatever your model online is, you NEED traffic to make sales. And for newbies, it’s very hard to get traffic. Inability to get traffic is the reason for 95% of online failures.

However, there are some places online where there ALREADY is a lot of traffic, a lot of people waiting to buy different things. Some of those places are eBay and Amazon. You can make sales by simply listing something on eBay or Amazon, people will find it and buy it. The problem with eBay and Amazon is that you need to have a product to sell. And that product has a cost. So it’s hard to break even, leave alone make a profit.

But what if you could go to a place that ALREADY has buying traffic, and list a product where your product cost is ZERO, and therefore any kind of sales you make are 100% profit? This is where platforms like Skillshare and Udemy come in.

(But before we get all too happy, a bit of a reality check – there are also some downsides to these sites! Read on to see which)

Skillshare and Udemy are huge marketplaces, that are growing very fast, and right now they’re not saturated at all. There are no internet marketers trying to sell stuff to people. It’s still full of happy, unsuspecting everyday mums and dads and grannies placing little courses online and making some good money from other people taking those courses.

That means there is a LOT of opportunity for marketers who are serious about turning it into a significant income stream.

How exactly does Skillshare work?

You can create a simple video course on any topic. For example, “how to make pancakes” or “how to grow tomatoes” or “how to make a website”, depending on which area you have knowledge in.

You might think “but I don’t have anything I can teach other people”. I know that because that’s exactly how I felt 3 years ago, before I sold my first course online. I thought that noone would ever buy anything from me, even for $1. But that’s simply not true.

Look at these simple courses on Skillshare, and look how many people have bought each course:

And it’s like that in literally any niche course I have seen on Skillshare. There are hundreds, and often thousands of people that have taken even the most bizarra and/or simplest courses. So there is definitely a huge demand for any kind of course.

So this is what Shareify shows – how to create very simple digital courses, which are in high demand, and how to place them to Skillshare and Udemy. Then, Skillshare and Udemy will do all the marketing work for you, and you will make sales and commissions.

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Does stuff in Shareify really work?

I have done verification with the creators of this course. I checked out the background of Greg Jeffries, the creator. You can see his Skillshare profile here:


As you can see, he really does what he teaches. He has 63 courses. And he’s had over 13,000 students (called followers on Skillshare).

If you watch my video above, you’ll be able to see me showing his income screenshots of the payments he makes by selling his simple courses on Skillshare.

What’s inside Shareify?

Shareify course is very well made. There are 9 videos, recorded in 1080p FHD, with great audio. The presentation is logical and clear. The modules are:

1) Introduction: Showing his income proof, and explaining how Skillshare and Udemy works

2) Tools: Showing the tools he uses (note – he mentions Camtasia, while it’s a great tool I recommend Screencastomatic. Camtasia is too expensive ($297), Screencastomatic is only $15 a year)

3) Places to get ideas:  shows how to come up with ideas for in-demand courses

4) Planning out your course:  shows how to lay out the plan for your course

5) Recording your course: process of actually making your course

6) Uploading Courses and Custom Thumbnails: how to publish your course

7) Marketing: what you can do to make as many sales as possible

8) Strategies: some additional strategies to make more sales

9) Summary recap: conclusion and last words of wisdom

What are Shareify Pro’s and Con’s?

Pro’s: I actually think it’s a very legitimate way of starting out online. It’s simple, and risk-free. You put out several simple courses, and you will make residual sales forever. Those profits can then be used to pay your bills, or to make further investments into other online ventures you have.

Another thing I like is that you DON’T have to get your own traffic. Skillshare and Udemy do all marketing for you. They get you the traffic and sales.

Lastly, you can scale up. If you focus on this for the next 12 months, you’ll be able to build a great residual income.

Con’s: The issue that I see is that you can’t directly control how much traffic and sales you will get from Skillshare and Udemy. That means, if you choose to try this, you will need to be very careful and diligent with your niche selection. That will make all the difference. You choose bad topics for your courses that noone needs – you’re only going to make a small number of sales. But if you choose GREAT niches, you can be very successful.

That’s why, I have created a custom quick-start bonus, which is “5 done for you course ideas which are in high demand“.

Even though Greg Jeffries shows how to pick good niches, you might still find it helpful to get 5 done for you niches / ideas to start with.

You will get this bonus for free if you pick up Shareify through my link.

Click here at 10am US EST April 2nd to lock in Earlybird Discount + My Bonus


If you pick up Shareify through my link, you will get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: My Custom Bonus For Shareify: 5 Done For Your Course Ideas Which Are In High Demand

As I mentioned above, if you choose bad course ideas, you’re likely to only get small resuls. With my custom bonus, you get 5 great done for you ideas for you courses, which are already proven to be in high demand.

Bonus 2: Access to Sinfiltrator (selling for $67)

This is a pretty crazy bonus, since this software is currently selling for $67. But it’s yours for nothing if you get Shareify from me. Sinfiltrator allows the user to take ANY website, hijack it, and put their opt in forms, affiliate links, banners, or anything else right on top of it. Then share the link it generates and reap the authority of said website. Why is it relevant? You will be able to not only use it separately to make money, but you’ll be able to put overlays over top of you Shareify-style courses to build a list in the process.

Bonus 3: Access to Social Traffic Alchemy (selling for $67)

Based on a proven case study, shows how to get hundreds of clicks for pennies via Facebook Ads. Why is it relevant? Because you will be able to use this affordable traffic source in order to make more money using the Shareify method, or for any other part of your business.

Bonus 4: Access to Snap Affiliate Profits Traffic Course (sold for $17)

Based on a case study showing how to get Bing Traffic for $0.02 – $0.10 per click in nearly any niche, and how to then convert that traffic using affiliate model. Why is it relevant? You can use this traffic in any part of your business. It also shows how to monetize your traffic.

Bonus 5: Street Smart Profits (sold for $17)

When you start an online business, it’s important to find a way to make money that doesn’t cost you any money. That way, you can keep your real life expenses separate from your business expenses, and actually have money to put towards your online costs.

That’s what this method shows – how to earn money for free. Street Smart Profits shows you how to make $300 – $600 with just 20 minutes of your time. It sold over 2500 copies on its initial release, and led to dozens of success stories and testimonials. You’ll be able to use it to further create a strong foundation for your business.

Bonus 6: Arbitrage Sugardaddy (sold for $17)

This is another one of simple but effective courses that shows you how to make money without spending money. And this is just as simple as Shareify. You don’t need a website. You don’t need anything. You just need 30 minutes a day and you can earn anywhere from $20 – $30 for just 15 minutes of your time. This product sold for $10 and also won Deal of the Day.

Thanks for checking out my Shareify review!

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab Shareify through my link

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