When something breaks, it’s so easy in the modern world to replace it. Fast fashion and inexpensive consumer goods mean that we can buy something new to replace anything that is no longer usable. However, it wasn’t that long ago when it would have been the norm to try and repair something first so as not to create unnecessary waste and to save money. If you want to save some cash and perhaps be a little more eco-friendly, you could also try to make repairs instead of replacing broken items. It helps if you invest in quality goods, but even cheaper things can be fixed instead of thrown away.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you could be repairing instead of tossing out.

Get Appliances Repaired Professionally

Your home appliances can experience a range of problems, which might sometimes make you think that it’s time for a new one. But just because it’s stopped working, it doesn’t mean you have to replace it right away. Getting it looked at by a professional is often the best idea if you’re not sure whether it can be salvaged or not. They can tell you if it can be replaced or if it makes more sense to get a new one instead. You might also be able to learn a few DIY skills for repairing appliances, but you have to be careful with what you tinker with.

Repair and Alter Clothing and Accessories

Fast fashion has made it cheap and easy to buy new clothes and accessories all the time. If something is no longer wearable, you can just throw it out and get something new. But if you would rather avoid creating unnecessary waste and maybe keep some favourite items, you can focus on repairing clothing instead. A few basic sewing skills can go a long way. And if you can’t repair something, you can always get someone else to do it for you. Paying to have clothes, shoes, or other accessories repaired could save you money, and it will keep your things going for longer.

Reuse Glasses Frames

When you need new glasses, you’re often encouraged to buy new frames for your new lenses. But what if your current frames are just fine and you want to keep them? If you need a new prescription or you have broken the lenses, you could replace them instead of buying completely new frames. Replacement lenses can be put into your existing frames so that you get to keep the glasses that you love. Considering that frames can be the most expensive part of getting new glasses, you might save a lot of money by just getting new lenses.

Fix Electronics

Electronic items are also easy to throw out if they no longer work. The low cost of electronics compared to years ago means it’s tempting to keep upgrading to the latest tech. However, if you want to keep the electronics that you have, you could repair them instead. One option is to take or send them to a repair shop that will fix them up for you. Another possibility is repairing electronics yourself. If you’re handy, you can find lots of guides online about how to fix things. Just keep in mind that the DIY approach will invalidate any warranty that’s still in place, so be careful.

Put Toys Back Together

Children’s toys are another thing that we can be very wasteful with. One reason for that is that kids may get bored of certain toys after a while. However, they can also get thrown away because they’re broken. When a toy breaks, repairing it instead of replacing it can save money and probably make a child happy in the process too. Even if you don’t keep it, you might be able to pass it on to someone else. A lot of toys can be repaired with a bit of glue or a few stitches.

Repair Car Parts

When it comes to your car, you’re not going to get a new one just because something isn’t working. But you might consider buying new parts when something is broken. Alternatively, some broken car parts could be repaired instead of replaced. It could save you money, especially if you’re able to make the repairs yourself, instead of having to pay someone else to do it.

Making repairs instead of buying new things not only saves you money but is also an environmentally responsible thing to do. It can reduce your household waste and bolster your bank account.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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