Having missing teeth can be embarrassing, painful, and can be a huge inconvenience, and this is why a lot of dentists offer dental implants Hertfordshire. This treatment can help to improve both the look and feel of your teeth, enabling you to enjoy your smile again.

What are they?

Before getting into how the process works, and how implants can help your dental health, you will want to know what they actually are. The implants are usually made out of three parts, the first one being the implant screw, which is the foundation of your new tooth. On top of this sits the abutment, which attaches to the implant screw, and holds your crown in place. The crown is the part that really brings everything together, and is a piece of porcelain that is custom-made to match your other teeth as closely as possible.

What is the process?

Once you have had a consultation with your dentist and are ready to go ahead with the treatment, your appointment will be booked in. With a lot of practices, using some procedures you will be able to walk in with missing teeth, and walk out with your new smile, all in the same day.

The first thing your dentist will do when you are in your appointment, is insert the implant screw into your jaw. This will either be screwed in or tapped in, depending on your needs, and local anaesthesia and/or painkillers can be administered to increase your comfort throughout. Once the screw has been inserted, the abutment is attached, and then the crown follows. It’s as simple as that, and you will really see and feel the difference a dental implant can make as soon as the appointment is finished.

Why should I choose implants?

There are a few different things that make this treatment so effective, and they explain why it has continued to rise in popularity.

The appearance

One of the main and most obvious reasons that this treatment is so good for replacing missing teeth, is the appearance of the implants. Due to the custom-made crowns used, your new teeth will look just like your natural teeth, meaning that they will not stand out, and most people wouldn’t even notice that you have implants.

The feel

Another great thing about this treatment is the feel of the implants once you have them in and they are healed. You will notice how similar they feel to your natural teeth, and this is due to the strong foundation made by the implant screw. Your implants will be strong enough to withstand the usual pressures that occur in the mouth such as chewing. Due to this, it means that there are no food restrictions with your implants, so you can eat whatever you want to without having to worry about them falling out.

How long they last

Something else that you can enjoy when you replace your teeth with implants is how long they last. With good care, your new teeth can stay put for around 20 years, which allows you to live your life without constant dental appointments, due to you not needing to replace them for a very long time.

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