Sometimes people will need a bit of motivation to push through, especially in the workplace. Fortunately, companies are realizing the “real” worth of their employees and are responding with gamification. It’s the strategy of using games and general friendly competition to make tasks less draining-and more motivating.

Several studies have backed the positive effects of gamification in businesses, especially in industries like real estate, where competition is fiercer than usual. Although real estate is non-traditional and follows flexible work hours, gamification still has many to offer in the sector.

So the next time your workplace’s motivation is slow, follow these tips to gamify your real estate office and make work more fun.

Establish Team Building Game

If your real estate office lacks the true spirit of collaboration, use online team-building games or multi-person puzzles to encourage your agents to work together. You can make things more interesting by having a custom-made “game” made solely for your employees and firm by outsourcing skilled developers for Unity development and offering broad gaming experiences.

Doing this helps establish friendly competition within your office, all while advocating other office cultures. Additionally, you can help foster your employees’ creativity by promoting innovation within your office using brainstorming software. It allows you to gather contributions from workers and manage creativity in a fun environment.

Office Training with Learning Management Software
Using learning management software can help you alleviate some stress of offering a concise and game-oriented training environment since getting up to speed in new positions can be challenging. Having a solid learning management software in place can empower your team with the information they need-and offer them the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Give Badges for Daily Tasks Completed

Many CRM providers are now adding gamification into their processes since it keeps track of employee progress with ease. The gamification of your real estate office allows agents to know how they’re performing, but in a non-intimidating and non-personalized way through avatars.

For instance, Zoho CRM will enable you to earn badges for different tasks like closing a deal, following up with customer issues, and converting leads. Doing this helps your team feel more special and motivated.

Offer the Right Rewards

Whether it’s extra days off or a free trip to the spa on the weekend, your first order of business before creating incentives for your gamification plan is to ask what your team wants. So, take the time to find out what drives your team and, if reasonable, socialize the rewards and make them visible to keep your employees’ eye on the prize.

Establish Social Media Power Scores

Several web tools can offer quantitative measures of social media reach and influences. You can use these to set up games giving power rankings to your employees, depending on their social media skills and traffic they drive to your real estate firm’s site. Plus, this strategy provides your employees the incentive to use social media to promote your office and services.

Celebrate Success but Never Expose Failure

Although leaderboards may be a great way to identify coaching opportunities for team members who aren’t performing well as others, always are mindful when displaying scores. After all, gamification is all about motivating your employees, and it can lose its impact and overall purpose when you shame those falling behind.

It’s best to celebrate the success of other employees and keep those who didn’t do so well in private and take advantage of the opportunity to give them private coaching sessions to help them improve in the future and get back on track.

Set up a Referral Challenge

You can set up fun contests in the office through sales software systems. Having multiple winners can help keep motivation high across your employees. So, if you’re looking to improve your firm’s referral numbers, consider holding a “referral challenge” with different rewards for various lead categories, like family, partners, friends, and neighbors.

Create Culture of Recognition Using Social Feedback Board

It’s been proven countless times that people tend to become happier when receiving recognition for their work efforts and feedback. An excellent way to implement this into your real estate office is by using employee recognition software or a simple feedback board.

These services create social media-type platforms for your firm, giving your team an exclusive channel to communicate and reward one another. Overall, this strategy provides a culture of recognition and positive dialogue in the workplace.

Although it’s relatively easy to gamify real estate offices since most agents are usually competitive by nature, you’ll need to do it right to produce the best results. After all, you wouldn’t want to come off as pushy, further de-motivating your employees. Start by doing one method like those mentioned at a time-until your team members become more comfortable, inspired, and motivated.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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