If you’re doing any kind of marketing online, then you need to create videos. In today’s age, you have to make videos, there is no way around it. Creating videos is very painful. Trust me, I know. It can take many hours, even days, to make a decent-looking video 2-3 minutes long.

Andrew Darius has launched a product which solves this problem. Inside his product “Promoyze”, you will find a desktop video-editing software that comes with 100 templates.

All you need to do it to load one of those 100 templates, and to customize the template to suit your need. And you can create unlimited whiteboard, motion, or animation videos, customize them, and export them, all in just a few minutes.

Watch the video below to see exactly how you can create professional looking marketing videos in just minutes.

Click Here To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus
Click Here To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus

Exclusive Bonuses

If you pick up “Promoyze” through my link, you will get these bonuses:


Using social media is a fun and sure way to get new friends, customers and fans. Getting your Instagram profile out there for everyone to see is a hard and tedious task and time is very precious for all of us and promoting yourself on Instagram is a time-consuming everyday activity. Let instagram tool help you automate your daily activity and get you the crowd you deserve and desire

  • Auto Post – You can post image and special is video. The World’s FIRST Instagram video posting tool post from your DESKTOP – PC or MAC
  • Auto Comment – Search and comment all the post you want in one click
  • Auto Follow – The fastest way and most economical for you if you want to increase following
  • Auto Follow Back – You’re tired of followback. This feature will help you save time.
  • Auto Like – Search and like all the post you want in one click
  • And many more features.

You get personal licence, and you also get 20 licences to resell as your own.

Bonus 2: Reseller & Personal Rights to Multi-Network Poster – World’s first social poster supporting 16 social networks

MultiNetworkPoster is a tool which allows to anyone to publish posts on 16 social networks. Users can register and pay with PayPal to upgrade their plan. You just have to create the plans and limit the platform features for each plan.


  • Publish a post on several social networks at a time or schedule a post to be published in the future.
  • See the preview of the post (text, image, link or others) for each social network.
  • See the stats of a published post(stats about posts made per day, posts made on each available social network, information about the posts, if it was successful or unsuccessful for each social network).
  • See the history of the published posts. For every published post you can see the message/text, the link or image from the post.
  • You can connect to multiple blogging platforms, with the option to choose on which blog you would like to post. And before choosing on which blog you want the post to be published, you can choose to what category to attribute the article/post.

You get personal licence, and you also get 20 licences to resell as your own.

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab “Promoyze” through my link:

Click Here To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus

NOTE: to get the bonuses, please check in the JVZoo Access area for Greg Kononenko Bonus. If you have any issues please contact me via Contact page or via a reply to any of my emails.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

My name is Greg Kononenko and I am a full-time online blogger and owner of Dad's Hustle. I'm a dad, and my passion is to help other mums and dads to start their own "hustle" and improve the financial future of their families.

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