The ongoing global pandemic has affected and reshaped multiple industries across the world, including the beverage sector. As consumers start to reintegrate into society after months of staying at home, individuals are no longer looking for the same drinks they did before the health crisis hit.

The pandemic, for instance, has consumers thinking carefully about the beverage they purchase – and where to drink it. Given that many restaurants and bars have shuttered for months on end, many individuals had to find other means to indulge in their favorite beverage.

Beverage business owners and retailers need to adjust to these trends if they want to survive during the pandemic and sustain long-term success. They need to find ways to keep their consumers interested in their drink brand.

Here are five marketing strategies your beverage company can follow to stay relevant to your customers:

Although your target audiences stayed the same demographically, their behavior has changed dramatically. Before the spread of the pandemic, shopping and ordering fruit-infused, flavored bottled water and other beverages online for home delivery wasn’t common. Almost overnight, however, people are turning to the web to satisfy their drink fix.

You should look at this change in behavior as an opportunity to adjust your target audience. Instead of primarily targeting restaurant diners, for instance, you should also consider individuals who are spending most of their time surfing the web. Refocusing your target market will help you maximize your marketing spend.

Given that many families are staying at home and avoiding non-essential travel, they’ll likely be browsing social media to stay engaged. If you’re selling flavored bottled water and other non-alcoholic beverage, you could use social media platforms to promote and sell your products.

Start by posting engaging content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media websites. Promoting your beverage products helps drive brand awareness. Also, interact with your followers as much as possible. Brand engagement via social media helps drive sales and build brand loyalty.

You could also sell your drinks on social media. Facebook, for instance, has a Marketplace that lets people buy and sell products. If you’re not sure how to go about selling your beverages on Facebook, do a Facebook Marketplace search on beverages or drinks to check how other businesses are promoting their goods.

During these times of uncertainty, your brand has to sound sensitive or considerate. You should be incredibly mindful of what your company should and should not say. If you’re selling iced tea, for instance, come up with a message that encourages consumers to stay at home and safely enjoy a refreshing drink at the comfort of their home.

Some 88 percent of consumers look at reviews before buying anything. If you’re marketing a new beverage product during this pandemic, you’ll want to establish and prove your credibility. You can achieve this goal by obtaining reviews from your customers. Here are a few tips to encourage consumers to leave product reviews:

Influencer marketing is a tactic that leverages the reach of influencers with a solid brand reputation and a large following. These individuals are not brand advocates or evangelists. They’re simply “cheerleaders” who endorse your brand to your target market.

When choosing brand influencers, make sure they’re relevant to your customers. If you’re selling a healthy drink, for instance, you’ll want to team up with online fitness gurus.
Challenges abound amid these difficult times. But look at the lockdown as an opportunity to increase your customer base and further strengthen your relationships with existing customers. They are instrumental in the survival and success of your beverage company, keeping top-of-mind awareness for your product.


Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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