It’s an important question to ask, but it’s one that everyone asks at least once: do I really need private healthcare? The short answer is yes, if you want a healthcare solution that suits you, a private health plan is a good idea. However, this kind of plan is a huge privilege and it’s so important that you understand that before you decide to get a plan sorted. Most people don’t choose to pay for private healthcare when Medicare coverage is available. Not only that, they don’t pay for it because they can’t.

However, if you are in a position where you can pay for private healthcare, you should. The plans you can get privately often go beyond the usual Medicare options, covering things like most dental care and prescriptions, routine eye care and hearing exams. There are even services like acupuncture it can pay for. Private medical care will also be there for you to lean on if you need to visit a lawyer after a car accident and you need specialized healthcare as a result. Private healthcare is something that you can save money on, paying a smaller copay instead of paying the whole bill with the original Medicare plans. It could mean the difference between paying $20 for an appointment and $200.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at four reasons you should pay for private healthcare.

You Get A Limit

With private plans, you get a limit on how much you have to spend. You get what is known as an “out of pocket maximum”. This is the most you will pay outside of your plan payments throughout the year, if you have a maximum amount for out of pocket of $3,000, the most you’ll spend in one year is $3,000. If you go over that amount, the private healthcare plan you’ve got will pay for it after that. They’ll pick up the tab, which can be a huge relief if you are dealing with an accident and require extensive care. Medicare doesn’t have a limit, and that can get pretty expensive over time.

Perks On Perks

Did you know that private healthcare plans can offer you more than just private health cover? You can get things from fitness discounts at the gym to improve your health, to travel coverage while you’re on holiday. This can offer you massive savings when you are abroad, as you won’t have to worry if you get into an accident abroad. It’s important to do your research into a range of healthcare plans. You don’t want to pick the wrong one, and you want to choose one that has the perks you need, too.

The Right Support

It’s one of the biggest and most important options when it comes to your health. The right support can ensure that you have the best possible care when you are dealing with private healthcare companies. You need to be able to call with questions about your health or your plan benefits on offer, so make sure you shop around properly.

You May Need It

No one plans to have an accident, but it’s always better to pay into a plan just in case and not need it, than not have it and be left bankrupt. Think about it clearly!

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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