I’ve just finished this Passive Income Ninja Review, and here is what you will learn:

  • How Carlos and Fergal are making $274/week on average with passive, free traffic
  • The results of my investigation – are their claims actually true?
  • Things I like and things I don’t like about the course
  • Why it’s a good model for new marketers (and issues that come with it)

Watch the video below to see my review of Passive Income Ninja.

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Click here at 10am US EST April 21st to lock in Earlybird Discount + My Bonus

Going Live to the Market in…

Passive Income Ninja Review

Fergal and Carlos have partnered up to deliver a course called Passive Income Ninja which shows how they, on average, are making $274/week passively from Clickbank and YouTube Traffic (you don’t need to be on camera).

The course is a video based course consisting of 9 videos, with a total length of about 2 hours.

I have done my thorough analysis of their results and here is what I have found, and how the system works.

How you get the traffic with Passive Income Ninja

So you would find terms such as “how to start a foreclosure cleanup business”. Fergal and Carlos show inside the training how to do that and how you can find terms like that.

Those terms and terms related to them get a good amount of search traffic from Google:

The important thing to note is that even though only 40 searches per month are searching for exact term “how to start a foreclosure cleanup business”, there are lots of related searches with much higher search volumes.

So people will be typing this into Google and YouTube, searching for this kind of information. When they do, your video would come up (just like Carlos’s video below):

Carlos’s video shows up on Page 1 of Google, at position 6 in organic search results (and you can do the same if you follow the training).

So, how many views has his video got so far?

Pretty good! Almost 22,000 views. And don’t forget – he has dozens of these sort of videos in different niches. So it’s quite clear to me that this guy knows what he’s doing and he has been doing it for a long time.

So people will search for the term, then they will go to watch his video. After that, they will click on the descriptions in the video, to go to Carlos’s landing page.

NOTE: even though we use Youtube for traffic, you DO NOT have to be on camera. This is a good thing for camera-shy people. Carlos doesn’t go on camera. He just does screengrabs.

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How To Make Money With Passive Income Ninja

Now we’ve established that you can get a lot of traffic doing this, how do we convert it?

Passive Income Ninja has good instructions on how to capture this traffic to a landing page, how to build a list of people interested in your offer, and how to them convert them using email marketing.

There are two benefits to this. Firstly, since these people are interested in “starting a cleanup business”, they’re very likely to buy any products about that. And Carlos shows how you can set up an email follow up sequence to follow up with these people and sell them the products about the targeted topic (and this is how they make $274/week average).

Secondly, you will have this targeted list of people forever. And you can send them affiliate promotions on an ongoing basis. So you will be making perpetual sales as long as you email your list.

Pros and Cons of Passive Income Ninja

I like:

  • Newbie friendly, this is actually a really great first income stream for newbies
  • Traffic is passive, do the work once, get traffic forever
  • Works in many niches, not only in Online Marketing (actually this is best for non-Internet Marketing niches)
  • Quality of training is good

I don’t like:

  • Hard to scale up. After you start making money, it’s not very easy to double your results. For example, with paid traffic, once your funnel is profitable, you can simply increase the daily ad spend by 100% and you will probably increase your profits by 100%. With Passive Income Ninja, all traffic is free. And you have no control of exactly how much traffic you’re going to get.

This is not necessarily a huge problem. But I just want to be honest with you guys and let you know that you’re unlikely to make $20,000 a month with this method.

This method is good to make some initial profits though. If you’ve never made money online before, this could help you set up your first $50 / week or $100 / week or maybe $300 / week.

Once you’ve got that initial stream, it will be easier for you to reinvest into other things for your business.

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If you pick up Passive Income Ninja through my link, you will get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: My recent product Turnkey Profit Machines (currently selling for $27)

This is a course that sold over 1,500 copies and you will get an exact case study of how Phil Schaffer is doing over $10k/month profits

Bonus 2: My previous product Snap Video Profits (selling for $12 right now)

Inside you will find a very well presented course showing how I personally make $1,000+ per month from Youtube traffic.

Bonus 3: My additional training showing you how to get traffic from YouTube

Passive Income Ninja has some good tips on getting YouTube traffic. I will give you my video showing you some other techniques that will help.

Bonus 4: My previous product Social Traffic Alchemy (selling for $67 right now)

Learn how to get $0.01 clicks in any niche

Bonus 5: The $50k Challenge

This is a recent product from Fergal Downes. He has allowed me to give this to my subscribers who buy Passive Income Ninja through my link. Shows how to get to $50k in sales in 90 days.

Bonus 6: Free Traffic Bonanza

This is another recent product from Fergal Downes. Shows how he personally gets affiliate sales using a cool technique and free traffic.

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab Passive Income Ninja through my link

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NOTE: to get the bonuses, please check inside your WarriorPlus download area, for “Affiliate Bonus”

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