As you know, normally you have to generate traffic to be successful with any kind of business online.

Well, there is a cool twisted strategy that allows you to make money without ever having to generate any of your own traffic.

Watch below to see exactly how Piggybank Payday allows to make $691/week without ever having to generate traffic:

Click Here @ 11am US EST Mon 26th Mar To Buy Piggybank Payday + Get My Bonus
Click Here @ 11am US EST Mon 26th Mar To Buy Piggybank Payday + Get My Bonus

Piggyback Payday Review (summary from video)

What it does: You get a software and training for just $7 (during launch period).

That software allows you to find high-quality Instagram influencers, and then you can get traffic from those Instagram influencers by offering them to pay for a shoutout.

A shoutout is basically a sponsored post. It can be as little as $5 for you to get a “shoutout” from some of the Instagram profiles. That gives you instant traffic.

The system teaches you how to monetize that traffic by sending it to your eCom store, where you offer them to buy a high-quality product that is ALREADY proven to sell.

For example, you might do the research as per the system and find out that right now, a new “15-Colour Flashing Star Wars Cat Collar” is all the rage and is selling thousands copies a day at $19.99 a piece.

So then you’d find a dropshipper where you can buy that  “15-Colour Flashing Star Wars Cat Collar” for let’s say $4, with delivery included.

Then you will make a simple page on your site or on your Shopify store where you list this same product for $19.99.

Then you’ll use Piggyback Paydays to find an influencer in the cat niche. Let’s say someone who has 50,000 cat owners as Followers.

Then you will pay that Instagram person $5 or $10 or whatever you agree on.

And you will give them a suggested post copy and a link. They will share it with their 50,000 cat owners and share your link. Then those 50,000 cat owners will be likely to see that message and many of them will come and check out your shop page.

And many of those cat owners will of course buy your  “15-Colour Flashing Star Wars Cat Collar” for $19.99 – then you fulfil the order through the dropshipper at just $4 and you pocket the difference.

Case study / Proof: Yes on the sales page you will see a lot of proof from some early users.

The software and system will only cost you $7, so at that price I really highly recommend that you pick it up:

Click Here @ 11am US EST Mon 26th Mar To Buy Piggybank Payday + Get My Bonus

Pricing of the Frontend and OTO’s

Main Product, Software and Training ($7 during launch period)

Piggyback Payday is a brand new, unique software paired with a step by step training. With this software and training, anyone at any experience level can learn to duplicate the $691/week case study, simply by following in the creators’ footsteps.

(Upgrade) OTO 1 ($37): Pro Version

Piggyback Payday Pro – Twice the profits, twice as fast! This is a ‘super charged’ version.

The main version produces 20 results for Instagram influencers, the PRO version produces hundreds.

It also has built-in contact-templates, so the user never has to use their browser; it all happens within the software. PRO also reminds you who you’ve already contacted, and keeps notes on each customer, so you’ll never contact someone twice by accident.

(Upgrade) OTO 2 ($27): Gold Digger:

Piggyback Payday Gold Digger is another piece of Piggyback software that allows users to dramatically increase profits. The software finds the hottest selling products for this method, so that users can dramatically ramp up their profit margin.

(Upgrade) OTO 3 ($97): Live Training

2 Weeks of live coaching and Q&A along with a lifetime mastermind group for support.

If you pick up “Piggyback Paydays” through my link, you will get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: How To Make Daily Affiliate Sales with YouTube Videos

Get access to my strategy of making money with free traffic from YouTube / Google. I use this strategy myself. There is no cost to this traffic.

Bonus 2: How my partner Phil makes over $10k a month from his eCom store

This is a previous product of mine where I show how my partner Phil is making over $10k a month with his simple website.

Bonus 3: How we get 20,000+ free visitors to our sites every month

This is a previous course of mine containing exact steps I use to get tons of free, buying traffic every month to my websites

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab “Piggyback Paydays” through my link:

Click Here @ 11am US EST Mon 26th Mar To Buy Piggybank Payday + Get My Bonus
NOTE: to get the bonuses, please check in the WarriorPlus Access area for Affiliate Bonus. If you have any issues please contact me via Contact page or via a reply to any of my emails.

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