Today I’m doing a review of Meme Traffic Monster. It’s a course by Aidan Corkery who shows how he posts simple (and often silly) little Facebook posts and gets paid for them. For example, he just made $184.46 for just one post that took a few minutes to make.

It’s made by Aidan Corkery, who has been doing pretty well getting traffic from Facebook and converting that traffic into affiliate sales.

Watch the video below to see exactly how Aidan uses the techniques to get affiliate sales:

Click Here at 9am US EST To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus
Click Here at 9am US EST To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus

Meme Traffic Monster Review:

I cover everything in detail inside the video. But just in case you’re unable to watch video, I wanted to give you a summary of what this is all about.

This course is put together based on a case study. That means that Aidan Corkery (the creator), is showing his own results from implementing this method.

He uses Facebook to get free traffic to his affiliate links and he promotes various types of affiliate products, mainly in the “Internet Marketing” niche.

The product focuses on GIF’s and Memes. If you’re not familiar with those terms: memes are those funny images with writing on it that you’ve probably seen on Facebook. And GIF’s are the moving images that keep looping and repeating themselves.

So what’s so cool about it and how does this actually get traffic? Well, it’s quite simple. Let me give you an example of my own recent experiment.

Here is how much engagement on my own Facebook profile I usually get when I make a regular, boring post:

REGULAR POST: I will be lucky if I get 3-5 “Likes” and 1-2 “Comments.

MEMES: Here is a recent meme I posted. Check out the stats:

You can see that a meme had 4 (!!) shares, and 37 likes and 8 comments.

So what does it mean? GIFS and MEME’s get huge engagement on Facebook. And on Facebook, that means traffic. GIF’s and MEME’s get a lot more attention that regular posts.

So here is what Aidan teaches:

  • How he finds high-converting offers to promote
  • How he creates high-engagement meme’s and gif’s related to those offers
  • How he them posts them on his profile, in his targeted FB groups (he shows how to start it as well), and on FB pages
  • (optional) you can also run ads with GIF’s and Meme’s, and they’re 10 times better than normal Facebook ads, but this is optional
  • You get EXAMPLES and STEP BY STEP instructions showing how to start from zero and set everything up
  • How these posts bring in 100-500 clicks each
  • These posts only take several minutes to create

And what do you do if you don’t have a following on Facebook, and you don’t have a Facebook Group? Can you still make these posts and get traffic?

That’s what the bonuses are for… I am including bonuses that will show you how to build a targeted following on Facebook and how to build some profitable Facebook groups.

Click Here at 9am US EST To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus

OTO’s / Upsells Overview

For the main training, it will be a $7 earlybird during the first 3 hours of the launch, then goes up to $9.95 slowly with each sale.

OTO1 is  $27 and is 5 Case Studies + Some extra Training

OTO1 Downsell is $17 and is 3 Case Studies + Some extra Training (to get the downsell, hit “No thanks” link at the bottom of OTO1 sales page)

OTO2 $37 and is a Done For You Pack (campaigns, squeeze pages, niches, groups, offers, images & music)

OTO2 Downsell is $27  and also contains Done For You pack, but a smaller version (campaigns, squeeze pages, niches, groups, offers). To get the downsell, hit “No thanks” link at the bottom of OTO1 sales page

OTO3 is a $97 Reseller’s Licence, and you will be able to promote this product through your own affiliate link and make 100% commissions on it

Exclusive Bonuses

If you pick up “Meme Traffic Monster” through my link, you will get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: Facebook Traffic Enigma – How To Build Huge Profitable FB Groups (currently selling for $9.97, yours free)

With this bonus, you will learn how to build large, profitable FB groups from scratch. Based on a case study. This is a best-selling product on Facebook traffic.

Bonus 2: FB Traffic Hack – how to get traffic on Facebook with several methods (currently selling for $9.97)

This is a complete newbie-friendly traffic guide. Covers FB ads, and FB funnels.

Bonus 3: Traffic Titan: Facebook Traffic using FB live and other methods (currently selling for $9.97) 

Previous course by Aidan showing some more of his Facebook case studies, traffic he got, his funnels etc.

Bonus 4: My previous Social CPA Academy (selling for $27 right now)

Case study showing how Jason Richardson made over $100k US in one year using Facebook and CPA. You will learn some ninja stuff about Facebook ads in this course.

Bonus 5: My previous product Social Traffic Alchemy (selling for $67 right now)

Learn how to get $0.01 clicks in any niche, using Facebook Video ads.

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab “Meme Traffic Monster” through my link:

Click Here at 9am US EST To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus

NOTE: to get the bonuses, please check in the WarriorPlus Download area, and look for “Greg Kononenko’s Bonus”. If you have any issues please contact me via Contact page or via a reply to any of my emails.

Greg Kononenko
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