Posting funny pictures on social media and making $100 – $300 for each funny post sounds pretty cool, right?

Seems a bit unrealistic as well. At least it did to me, until I investigated it in a lot of detail and found proof that it actually works:

Watch my video below to see how Aidan posts funny images and makes $100 – $300 for each funny post:

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Click Here @ 9am To Buy Memeomatic + Get My Bonus

Goes Live In:

Meme-o-Matic Review – What’s Inside? What Does It Do?

$100 – $300 for a simple post on social media? That definitely caught my attention, and I was suspecting something is not right.

I mean it sounds too good to be true. And my “BS Detector” went off.

So I started my investigations, and here is what I’ve found.

What does the course teach you?

Ok so the course has 10+ videos. The author of the course is Aidan Corkery and he says that you can make posts on Facebook and on another social media network called VERO and make money.

The strategy is like this:

  • First, you create a profile (or use an existing one)
  • Then you find groups that are interested in whatever it is you’re trying to sell. For example, fitness, baby stuff, or make money online products
  • Then you friend those people on Facebook, or follow them on VERO
  • You will get friend requests accepted and follow backs from people on VERO

Now you’re ready to market. So then you find a good affiliate product to promote. And then you make a funny meme image with a call to action in the post. You tell them something like “Who wants to learn how to get traffic? Type in Traffic in comments”. Then they comment, and you PM your affiliate link to them. Then they buy and you make money 🙂

Did I say, that sounded too good to be true? I was suspicious if it really works.

So I set about investigating, and I was really surprised that actually this is a very effective tactic.

Inside the course, Aidan gives 2 case studies, disclosing everything. Here is the Facebook profile with which he does all marketing:

As you can see, he’s got almost 5,000 friends on that profile.

And here are the posts he makes & engagement he gets on this profile:

Also inside the course he shows the results that he’s making with these posts:

Surprisingly, it works! I started thinking about it a little bit more, and I guess it makes sense.

All these people are ALREADY interested in what you might want to sell them. But you’re approaching them in a very funny, humorous, non-salesy way, and THEY put up THEIR OWN hand for it, saying yeah I want to know more.

So it only makes sense that they end up buying through your link. And that’s how he gets results like this:

So what’s included?

You get a very well laid out course:

  • 16 training videos
  • 3 of these videos are case studies showing the posts, the engagement and the earnings

The price is going to be only $9.47 when it first goes live.

OTO1 is $25 and is additional Case Studies Pack

OTO1 Downsell is $15-17 and is Case Studies Pack Lite version (click No Thanks on OTO1 to get to downsell)

OTO2 is $27 Done-For-You Platinum Pack

OTO2 Downsell is $17 Done-For-You Pack Lite version (click No Thanks on OTO1 to get to downsell)

OTO3 is $47 and is Reseller’s Licence, so you get the rights to promote the whole funnel at 100% commissions

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I have some exclusive bonuses that you can’t get anywhere else. If you get it through my link, you will also get:

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