Luxury condos call for nothing but the most elegant and equally luxurious interior design. From the color palette to the smallest decor details, everything must look streamlined, sleek, and varied yet cohesive. Settling for a mediocre look will waste the potential of such a lavish property.

But even for the most moneyed folks, splurging on furniture isn’t the most practical act. Spending a ton (but worth it) to buy a prime high-rise property, such as those condominiums for sale in Makati City, may prompt them to keep it low-key when it comes to the furnishings, especially if their old furniture are still in good shape. Of course, they would splurge on a few items here and there, but for the most part, they’ll aim to make affordable finds work.

That said, what’s the trick to making inexpensive furniture look luxurious in an upscale condo?

1. Reupholster Old Couches

Used-and-abused couches have all probably sunken and lost their cushioning already, but if you’re not willing to let them go yet, reupholstering is the key to restore their pristine appearances. Choose a texture that looks and feels expensive so they would be perfectly suitable in the space. If you want some pattern, choose sleek ones – such as geometric patterns – over organic, cutesy ones, which can look a bit out-of-place in a luxurious design style.

2. Replace the Legs

The legs of a furniture item can really define whether it looks cheap or expensive. And since you’re aiming for the latter, you may need to replace some of your affordable furniture’s legs or have them installed if they’re nonexistent. In a couch, for example, giving them tapered wooden legs will make them pass for a mid-century modern furniturepiece, which suits opulent spaces.

3. Splurge on an Area Rug

An elegant area rug will significantly change the ambiance of your space. If you’re using inexpensive couches, chairs, and tables, those will instantly transform into a lavish set once you lay down an area rug underneath them. Place a rug in your dining room as well.

For the size, the one for your living room must be big enough to have all the furniture’s front legs stand on top of it, whereas for the dining room, it should be at least 36 inches wider than your table on all sides, so that the chairs won’t get past its edges when they’re pushed.

4. Change or Remove Hardware

If you’re using old furniture with hardware, such as cabinets, their outdated handles must go or be replaced. For a vintage-themed home, hardware more likely remains necessary, so either just polish them if they’re still in good condition, or replace them with another more trendy piece. If you’re choosing hardware-free furniture, consider those that mimic the popular Ikea Alex drawers.

5. Trick the Eye Using Natural Light and Light Fixtures

Natural light creates airiness and freshness to a space, so let in as much of it as you can. If there’s not much space or the window’s not large enough, place an ornate mirror someplace where the light can bounce and bathe all the areas in brightness. Exude more elegance by using floor-to-ceiling drapes.

With regards to the fixtures, splurging on a statement chandelier isn’t really a necessity. Accent lighting such as lampshades and under cabinet lights can already do the trick. Once they’re on at night, you’ll see how much your space nearly looks like a 5-star suite, despite having mostly inexpensive furnishings.

From these tips and tricks, you don’t need to break the bank just to make your abode look like royalty. With enough resourcefulness, creativeness, and practicality, your affordable furniture pieces may even look more lavish than the actual pricey ones.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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