Think back to when you were first buying a home, did you ever notice the exterior of the house? How about in your neighborhood? Do you ever pay attention to how your neighbors do their lawn upkeep? Curb appeal is something that has a lot of power. It’s going to immediately create a reputation for your home and you as a person. It’s also going to be a part of judging your neighborhood, especially if all front lawns look unkempt. But judgments only have it as the actual property value of your home can take a major hit too. A neglectful lawn is going to immediately leave people with the impression that there is something wrong with the inside of the house as well. While the idea of curb appeal may sound expensive, it’s far from the truth!

Add some shrubs

Many homeowners will use a fence to close off their property or create privacy, while this is very effective, it’s going to look really bad for your lawn. Instead, why not try out some shrubs? Shrubs are a fantastic way to bring more natural elements to your lawn while also creating a division. Shrubs have the potential to create privacy as well, especially once they’ve gone within a couple of years.

Shrubs can also be more cost-effective in the long run. With shrubs, the only upkeep is trimming the hedges. While for fences you’ll need to add teak oil to them so they don’t get water damage, pressure washing, and paint them every couple of years. Not only are you making your lawn look better with shrubs but you’re saving so much money in the long run too.

Leaf and trash free

There’s nothing worse for a lawn than trash and dead leaves. Dead leaves will prevent your grass from getting the sufficient amount of sun that they need daily. So whenever you see leaves outside, it’s best to begin cleaning them up and putting them in a compost bin. You can either get a rake or maybe look into something like this , having the right parts to a leaf blower can make the leave-cleaning process for your lawn be completed so much faster.

Limit yourself to decorative accents on the lawn

When it comes to lawn décor, less is more. You don’t want to crowd your lawn with unnecessary garden decorations with a gnome or a flamingo. If you must have them, try to put them in your backyard instead.

Have plants that complement all seasons

Whether you’re currently selling your home or you’re just looking for ways to boost up the property value, one of the greatest ways is to properly strategize what plants you plan to place in your garden. Having a lawn that complements all seasons is one of the best ways to make the exterior of your house look pristine all year round. There is an assortment of flower bulbs that you can purchase where flowers will bloom throughout the seasons. This way, you still get the grass from these bulbs for a season even after the flowers have wilted. When it comes to trees and shrubs, you can never go wrong with them either.


Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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