A letting company website, it could make all the difference as to whether you decide to list your property with the company or not. The website is important because it is yours and your tenants first point of contact with the letting company and leaves a lasting impression as to the level of service your tenants can expect.

When looking for letting agents, you are more likely to choose a company whose website is easy to navigate, easy to read and which is well written. After all, how can you trust a company to produce a tenancy agreement that your tenants will take seriously if there are spelling and grammar mistakes on their website? You should also expect the website to be informative, both in terms of the company and the business of property letting itself. You need it to be an easily accessible resource should you need help and support. For this reason, among others, you should be able to easily access the contacts page of the website and it should contain the company’s address, telephone number and email address. The very best companies will also have other methods of communication that might include live online chats, social media feeds and contacts and emergency contacts.

Additionally, you want the website to clearly list your property and to show all the information you have provided in a way that encourages individuals to want to view the property. This must include clear, crisp photographs of the property in question. All properties should be clearly distinguished, including flats, granny flats – like those from Elpor, apartments, houses, and studios. Descriptions should be informative and feature SEO.

Conducting Viewings Correctly

A viewing is your chance to really sell the value of your property to them as a short term home. It is also a chance for you to get a feel for the tenant. Given this, it is important that the viewing goes well.

To ensure that the views for your accommodation go well it is important to be organised. Arrive at the property in plenty of time and make sure it is clean and tidy; this includes the outside, remember first impressions count. Make sure you have the details of the tenants with you. This will help you to remember names and mean that you can make notes of specific questions they had or concerns you have. Remember to greet them at the door to the property and welcome them in. Guide them through each room and point out any specific features.

Pay particular attention to any areas that you covered in the property description. Don’t forget to show them any outside areas or balconies. Answer any questions that the viewers have, and be clear about what you expect from tenants. Remember that you cannot discriminate against potential tenants based on race, religion sexual orientation or disability. But, if you have a legitimate reason, you can refuse to rent to a specific person. For example, the property is unsuitable for their needs, and physical changes to the property cannot be accommodated. Also if the viewer does not want to agree to the terms of the tenancy you can ask your letting agents to not to take the enquiry any further.

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Greg Kononenko

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