One of the more embarrassing things a parent goes through is when their child is in trouble with someone else. Your child might be misbehaving at school and one day you get the call from their headmaster that you need to come to have a talk about it. You could also need to pick them up from the local police station after getting a call about their reckless activities. You could also have to talk with another parent due to your child and their child fighting. Regardless of the situation it’s always annoying that your child makes you look bad in front of others. One can only imagine what they must be thinking about your family and possibly even your parenting skills. There’s a way to go about such incidences that can limit or stop things like that happening in the future. You have to remain calm, try to figure out the truth because sometimes your child might not be in the wrong. Then explaining to them why what they did is wrong as well as their educational punishment. Here are a few different scenarios and takes on what to do.

Trouble at school

It’s not uncommon for children to lose focus at school and start misbehaving. They might not be into the subjects they’re doing or they think something else is more important than their education such as trying to be popular. Regardless of what the reason for their misbehaving is, it’s important to talk with their teachers and senior faculty to see what the reasons could be. Try to do this without having them in the room so they don’t feel embarrassed and as if they are being judged by multiple adults. The finger-wagging and shaming tactic doesn’t really work on teenagers anyway. When you have time, talk to your child about why they lose focus and tell them that they won’t be punished if they just tell the truth and explain it to you no matter how awkward or embarrassing it is. It’s important to let them know that you are trying to understand them and not doing standard parenting things.

The law won

Surrounded by bad influences, children can do things that are not in their nature. The usual things they might do in terms of breaking the law are things like shoplifting snack food, trespassing such as skateboarding on private property, and the most common is getting caught drinking while being underage. First off you should contact a bondsman if you haven’t got the money floating around to get them out of jail. They have over 20 years of experience so they can inform you of how much the bond should be as well as give you the money required. Instead of just punishing them and taking their belongings away, you should see why they did what they did. Is it just normal youths testing the limits of what they can do? Perhaps it was a lack of things to do at home or anyone paying interest in them. You have to see the warning signs and do what you can to fill that empty space in their lives with something positive such as sports.

Parents need to try and understand the culture that their children are growing up in to better understand why they misbehave. The best way to do that is to talk to your kids with this intention in mind and let them know it.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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