The adults who live in the United Kingdom with misaligned teeth will be fully aware of the negative effects that crooked or protruding teeth can have on their daily lives, as this condition can cause some to live with discomfort in their mouth along with poor levels of oral health and hygiene.

Many of those who have to live with a condition where their teeth are not fully aligned correctly may find that their teeth are difficult to navigate with a toothbrush and then means that the teeth are unlikely to be cleaned fully, this can increase the risks of common dental issues such as plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease, occurring. This increased level of risk can lead to someone needing to visit the dental practice on a more frequent basis to receive dental treatment for common dental issues, when receiving tooth alignment treatment may alleviate this need for a patient and help them to avoid the use of invasive dental treatments such as fillings or tooth extractions.

There are now modern tooth alignment treatments, Invisalign London is one example, that can promise to give those being treated the straight teeth they desire. Unlike treatments of old, think about metal and wire braces, the modern treatment can provide a potential patient with a treatment solution that is discrete and practically invisible to the eyes of others.

Meeting the requests of potential patients

When trying to create an aligner for the modern world developers were aware of the demands and requests of potential patients, who wanted a treatment that would deliver the great results they are looking for but do so in a way that was private and discrete. This meant that if dentists and orthodontists were to get these potential adult patients to engage with tooth alignment treatment then they would need to move away from treatments of old, as these adult patients may have rejected them in the past.

Invisalign is a treatment device that is created by the use of two pieces of strong and clear plastic that are then moulded into shape in order to create an aligner that suits the needs of the individual patient. Due to the properties of the materials being used to create the aligner it then has the ability to hide within plain sight when worn in place within the patient’s mouth.

Engaging with treatment

To start the process of receiving tooth alignment treatment a patient will need to attend an appointment with their dentist or orthodontist to have their teeth, gums, and other aspects of their mouths examined, this will then help to have their needs fully assessed. At this appointment x-rays or scans will be taken of the patient’s teeth that will be used to help to create the alignment devices to be used in the patient’s treatment.

Treatment using Invisalign London uses a series of aligners to slowly move their teeth into the desired position in the patient’s mouth, creating a set of teeth that are perfectly straight and aligned within the mouth. Each aligner is worn by the patient for around two weeks and then swapped out for the next in the series.

The length of treatment is normally between twelve and eighteen months, but by the end, the patients should have the perfect teeth that they have dreamed about.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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