Employees have expectations when they enter the workplace, and one of them is security. No one should be subject to an injury in the office, yet, as a business owner, you know there are zero guarantees. By no means does this implies you don’t take accidents seriously, on the contrary. However, the first step to eradicating is to admit there is a problem. After the business gets past this initial hurdle, then it can deal with workplace injuries professionally and effectively. So, are you in denial? If the answer is no, here’s how to deal with tricky situations to limit the damage.

Alert The First Aid Team

Sometimes it’s a team and other times it will be one person. Regardless, there needs to be an individual that can administer rudimentary care. Usually, it’s as basic as understanding the issue and applying a bandage if there is a cut. Or, it can range from putting an arm in a sling if anything is broken. Chiefly, first aiders have to stem the flow until the paramedics arrive. In most states, this is a legal obligation and any company that doesn’t adhere to the law will be prosecuted. A tip: make sure there is a backup in case the primary caregiver is off sick.

Shut Down The Scene

As soon as there is a trip or a fall, the whole company will gather around. It’s the same on the freeway when there is an accident with motorists rubbernecking to get a better view. Unless they are there to help, they shouldn’t be stood gawking. Okay, going back to work is difficult with all the commotion, but employees don’t have to be at their desks. As long as everyone is far enough away to give the injured breathing space, then the incident should be easier to manage.

Contact A Lawyer

A business must have an attorney on speed dial in case of a scenario like this happens. The best case is that they are okay and see no need to press charges. The worst case is that they file suit and sue the company for a lot of money. Although it’s not nice to think about, the firm has to protect its position. Www.billhurst.com recommends getting the best legal advice possible, and it is an opinion worth noting. Without expert help, the business may find itself under attack without an exit strategy. Even if they tell you to record the incident and keep a log, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Don’t Speak Shop

Broaching the subject of liability is tempting. As a boss, you want to look after both parties – the firm and its employees. To do this, you need to know their physical and mental health. If only you can make them see that it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Sadly, that last sentence is wishful thinking. Speaking about the issue while they are on a stretcher is a sign that you’re trying to manipulate their thinking. Instead, www.healthandsafetyhandbook.com says to follow the lawyer’s advice and wait for a summons.

Do you feel more comfortable with workplace injuries now?

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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