If you have a car then you will know how expensive they can be to run. You have to pay for things like fuel, tax and even repairs as well. If you want to offset some of this expense, then this is easier than ever for you to do.

Rent out your Car

If you don’t drive at the weekend, or even during the week then why not rent out your car? If you don’t feel comfortable renting out your car to someone who you don’t know then why not consider carpooling? When you do this, you can take people to the same destination you’re going and you can make a good amount of money from this as well. You do however have to make sure that your car is cleaned out and looking nice if you want to make a good amount from doing this. If you are due an upgrade, the new Mercedes A180 is really popular.

Rent out your Car Parking Space

If you are very close to an arena or even an airport then you might be in luck. People often have to pay top dollar to park in these places, so if you can offer up a space then you can make a profit with zero effort. There are so many places where you can list your car parking space, and this is a great way for you to really make some money on the side. You should note that you cannot rent out your resident permit because this has been given to you by the local council and the space may be private land.


You might not want to cover your car in advertisements. This is understandable because it isn’t very appealing. If you can find a brand that you are willing to advertise for however then this can really help you out. You do however have to make sure that your car is out on the road more often than not. You can’t just leave it on the drive and expect to make money from it. If you are lucky then you may even end up becoming a brand ambassador as well, and this will open you up to a ton of other money-making opportunities. If you do land an opportunity like this, then you do have to be on your best behaviour. Speeding, or driving erratically won’t give the company you are advertising a good name. Some companies will also ask for proof of insurance.

Courier Duties

If you want to use your car to its best potential while also making a good amount of money then why not consider becoming a courier? This is a very flexible way of earning some extra cash and there is a constant need for couriers as well. It is now very easy for you to sign up as a self-employed courier and when you do, you can work your own hours. You do however have to be careful because you may have to pay your own tax on these earnings so keep that in mind.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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