Under the pandemic, there are a lot of changes that people experienced. You can’t just simply go out of home – you need to bring a face mask and, if need be, a face shield along with you. You also must make sure you greet people from a distance, as you don’t know whether they’re infected or not.

The commerce of products has also changed during the pandemic. When you want to buy groceries or ingredients while learning how to cook a fish casserole, you’ll have to get it delivered. Even cars that you want to test drive get delivered to you, with as little contact as possible happening in between.

What about buying homes? In the new normal, there are new ways of how to buy or sell homes and survey them without having to leave your home. Let’s review the new buy and sell processes during the pandemic.

Are You Sure You Should Sell Right Now?

The sentiment is understandable: everyone is suffering from this unprecedented situation, even the economy. How sure are you that your property listing – sudden or otherwise – will be profitable? You only must look at the reports or any charts you may find.

Some people are saying that there are very few listings right nowcompared to the Great Recession, where the economy is very much like what it is now. Many buyers, however, are out in force, because some of them are frustrated by the lack of choice. Now is a great time to sell at a price that you like very much because the chances of someone buying it without much negotiation is high.

So, moving on;

Cancel Open Houses or Go Digital

Whether you’re selling or flipping a house, the first thing you and your agent will do is to host an open house. Unfortunately, with the restrictions on large gatherings, that’s not allowed right now. It’s also too risky for you or your agent since you have no idea whether your prospective client is asymptomatic.

What you could do is to follow what everyone else is doing: going digital. You can tour interested parties through the home yourself using a camera. It’s like you’re meeting with them personally. This way, you can also answer any question they may have about the property personally.

Disinfect the Homes Before and After Showings

Cleaning before and after showing your property for sale to a prospective buyer is essential. These days, that takes on a new meaning; you should not only clean the house, but you should also disinfect it before and after showing it to the client even though you’re doing it digitally.

It shows your commitment to the protocols set by the authorities and helps keep you and your agent safe. There are a wide array of disinfectants and cleaning agents available on the market right now. You can take your pick of which ones you think are highly effective.

Teleconferencing Meetups and PDF Documents

When you receive an offer on a property, you can set it up to go straight to a digital avenue. Technology affords many ways for you and your client to get documents signed and delivered without having to see each other. You can also meet with each other without them having to show up at your home or office.

If you’re trying to adjust to the new normal of digital sales and communication, you can ask for help from someone knowledgeable, like a younger assistant. You can also ask them to handle teleconferences while you prepare documents for signing. That way, all the prospective customer’s questions will be answered better.

Always Stay Safe

If you’re eager to sell your home, these are ways in which you can stay safe while doing it. With the uncertainty caused by the virus, you – and everyone else around you, agents, and customers alike – are trying to keep safe.

If you or anyone close to you is feeling sick or having flu-like symptoms, however, you should cancel any meetings with anyone. Follow the safety instructions handed out by the CDC. Selling your home might be important but keeping your health as well as those you work and make deals with takes top priority.

Buying and selling a property takes on a new guise during the pandemic. It might be difficult at first, but this is the only way you can continue to act like normal at this time. Remember to follow safety protocols even when conducting business and you’ll eventually secure your big payday or corner a great deal on that property.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

My name is Greg Kononenko and I am a full-time online blogger and owner of Dad's Hustle. I'm a dad, and my passion is to help other mums and dads to start their own "hustle" and improve the financial future of their families.

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