James Dean, Marlon Brando, Peter Fonda, all those Hollywood icons whose faces are known even to those who’ve never seen their movies, have one thing in common. They all looked utterly badass on a motorbike. There’s an undeniable cool factor and mystique to this sexy and powerful vehicle and it’s not surprising that their engineering artistry appeals to those who appreciate both the miracles of modern ingenuity and the immortal appeal of classic designs. But many who pine after motorbikes, even those who have learned to ride one, think twice before investing in one. It might be because we’ve seen veteran bikers comparing battle scars, it might be because we’re worried about how others will perceive us or it might simply be because we don’t think the purchase will align with the family’s monetary goals. But a motorbike can actually be a surprisingly safe and prudent investment. Let’s have a look why. If nothing else, the following arguments will give you some ammunition in justifying the purchase to your significant other.

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Motorbikes can actually be safer than cars

Your spouse and kids may fear for your safety if you mention wanting to purchase a bike. While motorcycle accidents last year were at a low, there are certainly higher accident rates among motorcyclists than car drivers (although these numbers may be skewed when you think about just how many more cars than bikes there are on the roads). There are many veteran bikers, however, who would argue quite vociferously that bikes are safer than cars. There are many different causes of motorcycle accidents from poorly maintained road surfaces to a negligent driver. But while a motorcycle will always offer less protection than a car, bikers are better able to perceive hazards in advance as they have a better range of vision and better braking power as they are carrying less weight. This enables them to avoid hazards better than car drivers.

Nobody will think you’re going through a midlife crisis

For some reason, there’s an unfortunate assumption among Dads that if they treat themselves to a motorcycle, people will assume that they’re going through a midlife crisis. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only think they’ll feel is envy at your ability to zip past backed up traffic and be able to park without trawling the lot for a half hour looking for a space.

A motorbike is actually a really financially prudent buy

While many view a motorbike as a status symbol, a motorbike is a surprisingly affordable prospect. Sure, bikes are just like anything else in that you can spend a fortune on them if you so desire, but a decent bike will always cost a lot less than a decent car. Check out this article if you need convincing any further. Furthermore bike parts are much cheaper than car parts and not only do they need much less maintenance than cars, most of it can be done yourself with a little experience and a few YouTube tutorials.

So the next time you’re arguing with your spouse over the potential merits of buying a bike, show them this post. It might just sway them!

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Greg Kononenko

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