Hey guys, for some of you, this will possibly be the easiest method to make money…

By simply being a “broker” of an in-demand service… By being a “traffic broker”.

Every day, millions of dollars are spent on buying traffic. There are thousands of suppliers out there. And thousands of buyers.

You can position yourself “in between” buyers and sellers, and get a 10-20% commission for each $200 – $1,000 transaction.

This is so simple that you don’t need a list, a website, a product, literally nothing but internet connection.

All of this is revealed inside the course called “Flipped” – read my review below.

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Flipped Review

How does Flipped work exactly?

Here's what it's all about:

There are people out there buying traffic every day, for $0.40 to $1.00 per click. Actually, I used to be one of those people, so I know quite a bit about it.

Traffic Buyers buy traffic to build their lists, sell their digital courses and software offers, etc.

And they normally buy it from Traffic Sellers (also sometimes known as solo ad sellers).

It's a HUGE industry, there are millions of dollars spent on it every day. (I used to turn over $1k on some days and I wasn't even a big buyer).

The opportunity for you is to be a broker for the Sellers, and to bring them clients for a 10-20% commission (depending on what you manage to negotiate).

Given each transaction is typically $50 - $1,000 there is a LOT of money to be made here.

All this is shown inside the FLIPPED course:

  • You will learn the overall system overview
  • How to find highest-quality sellers of traffic
  • How to negotiate a deal with them to get 10-20% commission for every client you refer
  • How to find buyers who will buy through you
  • How to keep $20, $80 and sometimes even more for each transaction

The beauty of this model is that it's really really simple.

No tech skills needed. No site needed. No SEO, no blogging, no nothing. Just a bit of messaging back and forth between buyers and sellers.

It's a great model and I KNOW that it works, because I used to do this myself.

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Greg Kononenko
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