Fleet management in 2024 and beyond will survive based on modern economic factors and future technology. A fleet can be expensive, and improving the efficiency of it will help the business overall. From AI to autonomous vehicles, there are many modern ways of meeting green targets that a 21st-century customer will expect. Here are some handy suggestions.

Keep the Fleet Well Maintained

First, you will have massive costs and overheads if your fleet isn’t well-maintained. In-house mechanics are a common sight for privately owned fleets. But as a small business, you may not have this luxury. However, clutch & manual transmission repair specialists in your local area can help. A maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle, and this should always come before profit. These costs can be somewhat reduced by switching to electric cars over a certain period of time.

AI in Fleet Management in 2024

Unless you’ve been living under that famous rock for a while, you will have heard of AI. AI has boomed over the past couple of years. The reason is that it can be used for anything. It is so helpful that almost 50% of small businesses are using AI tools. For vehicle fleets, AI can analyze vehicle data such as fuel emissions, driving techniques and routes. With this data, AI can make suggestions for making your vehicle fleet much more efficient based on your needs.

The Electric Vehicle Switch

As a modern business, you will be expected to meet specific green targets. It will also help your business too. Modern customers might shun companies that don’t have a green policy. And you may even have higher operating costs. Electric vehicles can substantially reduce your carbon emissions and help you push towards a greener business. EVs will also help save money. With the right equipment and policies, it can cost up to 90% less to run a fleet of electric vehicles.

Sustainable Fleet Management

Sustainability is at the heart of any green initiative. Across the business fleet, there are some changes you can make today. With some minor changes, your business can begin to meet green targets and bolster its public image. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Consider the alternative fuels available for your existing fleet.
  • Work to reduce the number of vehicles your business needs.
  • Use software and GPS to optimize the routes your drivers take.
  • Switch to new cars with lower overall carbon emissions, such as hybrids.
  • Train drivers how to use fuel efficiently and drive correctly.

Sustainable fleet management has never been easier. Just switching to alternative fuels can considerably reduce emissions. Moreover, specialized software can help to form fuel-efficient routes. However, a lot of it also comes down to how well drivers use vehicles when on the road.

Telematics and Driver Monitoring

Telematics is the science of monitoring movement. Special devices can be placed into your fleet cars and monitor how well your drivers operate them. For example, they can monitor speed, braking smoothness and idling events. You can use the data these devices collect to improve fuel efficiency and driver safety. The data can also help when optimizing the routes your drivers take when they are on the road. Some insurance providers also require telematics systems.

Fleet Management in 2024 in Autonomous Vehicles

Maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves here, but autonomous vehicles are not the musings of science fiction. Self-driving cars are very real and are currently undergoing a lot of testing. However, according to GlobalData, we won’t have fully realized autonomous vehicles until around 2035. In business terms, that’s only a little over 10 years away. Because of this, it isn’t too early to begin making plans now in order to accommodate self-driving fleets in the future.

Alternative Employee Transportation

A fleet is often the backbone of a business. But your employees don’t always need to use company cars. Maybe you allow employees to take the car home. However, this means your business fleet is contributing to more carbon emissions than necessary. Encouraging employees to use alternative transport and leave the company car at the business can help. This includes taking the bus, cycling and carpooling. Perhaps you could also offer to pay for a bus pass!


Maintained vehicles will help with fleet management in 2024. Sustainability should be part of a green initiative, such as the use of EVs or alternative fuels. Encouraging employees to use public transport or carpool is also an expected modern part of doing business in a green world.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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