As businesses aim to become the best version of themselves through optimizing current solutions and improving upon existing methods. This is especially true with more investors pushing for sustainable processes in all industries. Most entrepreneurs look for ways to improve by looking back on their experiences, like an SMRT CEO who reflected on the knowledge they gained over their career. Seasoned professionals are often preferred over those who lack experience because business owners want helpful insights based on past endeavors.

Moreover, having someone with extensive experience like the SMRT Chairman, Seah Moon Ming, can encourage faith in the enterprise. It is a way to show potential investors that the company intends to ameliorate its situation by looking for areas to improve. When a professional handles a senior role, it shows great decision-making skills of the business owner since they are willing to invest in expertise rather than naivety.

An experienced individual can provide the necessary feedback and criticism for the company to grow, improve existing processes, and adapt to the constant shifts in trends for any industry.

Room for Growth

Most entrepreneurs want to expand their business eventually. To achieve that level of responsibility in the market, they need to identify areas where there is room for the growth of the sector, such as by diversifying different stock-keeping units (SKUs) or listening to critical feedback from customers regarding the improvements that can be made for a product. This is why marketing companies collect information from focus group discussions, surveys, and other means of gathering data so that they can gain insights on the shift in market trends.
Participants in the aforementioned market research methods provide valuable information that can be adapted by companies within a relevant industry. Experts acknowledge that this is the best way to approach market penetration concerns because it considers the desires of the potential customers rather than excluding their perspectives from the decisions made by the company.

Furthermore, the participatory culture in media makes companies responsible for sustainability goals and encourages a more active set of consumers when the situation calls for immediate action. In the process, entrepreneurs tend to identify better approaches to traditional methods of production. Therefore, feedback and criticisms provide businesses room for growth, especially when they are just starting out.

Iterative Processes Lead to Efficiency

Lean Six Sigma is an efficiency tool that looks into possible iterations of a process to determine the optimal situation in which businesses ought to function. These can only be identified using the crucial and critical feedback of employees, regardless of their position in the company. The insights of customers are also important because they tend to provide an honest opinion about the services or aspects that can be improved.

After all, the end goal is to ameliorate the service or good being provided to their community and that can be achieved through crowdsourcing valuable information as often as possible because the end result will eventually be better than what came before.

A competitive market will aim for being the best version of what is available to consumers. This means that there must be a constant desire for improving upon the existing methods of production, use of raw materials, quality of service, and so on. People can only learn the alternatives to what is already present through trial and error. So, it is important to be aware of what was done poorly or properly, as determined by the feedback or criticism provided to the individual or company.

The World is a Changing Environment

Due to the shifts in market demand, it is important to be aware of the shifts in trends and how the company compares to upcoming startups. Entrepreneurs have to stay on their toes about any kind of information that can keep them as a leading business in their particular industry. The best way to handle uncertainty is to gather as much data as possible and determine the future trends that can arise.

This is achievable through the feedback and criticisms provided by the stakeholders in a market, such as investors, customers, employees, and influential people. Since there are frequent changes in what is preferred, as culture dynamically evolves, it is crucial to a company’s success to sustain a sense of awareness regarding the current opinions of their target market.

Even though it can be challenging to respond to feedback and criticisms, businesses should appreciate the input of their stakeholders, especially if they are fairly new. These could be the solution to surviving a harsh marketplace.


Greg Kononenko
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