Going through a divorce at any stage of one’s life is likely to be an extremely difficult experience, whatever the situation may be. In addition to being emotionally taxing, many individuals may also fear for their financial prospects, which is where the guidance and support of divorce solicitors in Weybridge is crucial.

The role of a divorce solicitor

Many individuals or partnerships may feel sceptical before seeking advice from a registered legal professional. Despite these concerns however, choosing to employ the guidance of a divorce solicitor can be hugely beneficial for every client experiencing this hardship. Regarding their role: a divorce solicitor strives to guide you through the entire divorce process, whilst aiming to make the entire journey as problem-free, pain-free, and as cost-effective as possible.

Taking the first step

Deciding to process a divorce is a hard decision to be made, and is often one paired with doubt, sadness, and general strain. Despite these obstacles however, choosing to welcome a specialist divorce solicitor into the process can make a huge difference regarding the outcome for both parties involved, in addition to the time taken to settle both sides of the argument.

So what can a divorce solicitor do for you?

Divorce solicitors not only stand as a firm mediator between both parties, however they also adopt a sympathetic and humane approach whilst remaining strictly professional throughout the entire legal process. Divorce solicitors understand that experiencing a divorce is an undeniably difficult time for both parties involved, whatever the situation may be. In addition to offering both emotional and professional support throughout the legal process, these professionals also provide a wealth of knowledge regarding the costs, and the procedures to expect from this decision.

How much does it really cost to get a divorce?

This is a question asked tirelessly by potential clients, as the lines surrounding the divorce process are often blurred within the field. Many individuals may initially choose to shy away from seeking professional legal guidance from a specialist divorce solicitor, as they may be concerned about the potential fees involved within the process. Despite these concerns however, many clients may be pleasantly surprised when they discover that the finances surrounding divorce are not as complex as often assumed.

Making things clear

Divorce solicitors are commonly asked how much clients can expect to pay for their services, however this actually has a very simple answer! For individuals looking to complete the divorce process themselves, a court fee is the only cost required. Despite this however, many couples may struggle to find the time to complete these papers between them, which is where divorce solicitors can help. For those who’d prefer not to do the paperwork themselves, a fixed divorce fee is offered by many solicitors in addition to a court fee.

So where does the confusion occur?

Often where the confusion surrounding divorce cost occurs is that these fees cover the divorce papers only. Therefore, they do not include matters such as childcare arrangements or the division of finances. When the high cost of divorce is mentioned, this often refers to the disputes over these matters.

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