9 Easy Things To Sell To Make Money

Do you want to put a few more bucks into your wallet? Do you have stuff you no longer use?

Then, the solution is simple. Find things you can sell and easily make money. Some people are skeptical when it comes to selling stuff from home, but when you no longer need it, it can bring you cash. This is one of the easiest ways to pay your bills, go on a holiday, and buy something useful instead. That’s why I present to you the ultimate list of things to sell to make money.

Every once in a while, I enjoy emptying my home and getting rid of unnecessary stuff. And honestly, I have so many things lying around. I constantly think “What can I sell?” and come up with all sorts of easy things I can get rid of and get some cash at the same time. It’s literally killing two birds with one stone. Every day can be your spring clean or garage sale.

1. Old Household Items

We all have old items that only gather dust in the basement and occupy a great amount of space. Maybe they’re no longer good enough for you or you’re simply tired of using them. In any case, they can easily be turned into money. Look around your house for items like:

  • Ancient stuff your grandparents had bought that don’t have any sentimental value or significance to you
  • Pictures
  • Furniture such as chairs, tables, lamps, sofas, cupboards, even some DIYs
  • Holiday decorations
  • Kitchen utensils and other gadgets such as cupcake makers
  • Tools such as hammers, weed trimmers, saws, and others from your garage tools collection

Just make sure these are well preserved and generally good things to sell. List those on eBay or Craigslist and you’ll have no problems selling them. I have sold 10-year old cooking pots on eBay and people bought them.

2. Clothes

Tons of clothing pieces lie untouched in your wardrobe. Well, not for long. Whether they’re out of trend or simply too small/big for you, selling them will bring some income. I was amazed to find so many stuff I could sell in my wardrobe. And I’m glad I did.

Trousers, tops, shirts, shoes, formal wear, sports clothes, dresses, shorts, handbags, backpacks, costumes, belts, jackets, and even a wedding dress that has served its purpose, may go. ThredUp, for one, is a place where you can get some money for these clothes. You may consider a local thrift shop near you as well.

3. Jewelry

Speaking of your wardrobe, comb through your things and search for some jewelry to sell. Let’s be honest, there aren’t enough fancy events to wear all of those at. Not to mention, you might have some jewelry from your ex around. Here’s a way to get rid of it and fill your pockets in the process.

Especially if your necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings are gold. You’ll definitely get an excellent price for them.

4. Electronics

Electronic devices are one of the best things to sell to make money. A time comes when the advanced technology forces you to swap your old mobile for the newest smartphone or your laptop gets painfully slow and you can’t stand it anymore. That’s not all. TVs, cameras, cookers, microwaves, fridges, gaming consoles and vacuum cleaners are all great things you can sell.

To help you with that, you have the Amazon Trade-In Program. With it, you can remove your used stuff from home in exchange for a gift card.

Remember that what’s not useful to you anymore brings benefit to someone else. And to you when you cash it in.

5. Kids’ Stuff

If your kids are grown up and you don’t have more on the way, then selling their items is a good idea. You can make money from toys in good condition, baby gear and furniture as well as small clothes on sites like Craigslist, in Facebook groups or in thrift stores.

Mind that it’s better to gather more pieces and sort them in categories before selling them. The ones with higher value should go in a separate bundle.

When talking about higher value items, let’s not forget the large children’s equipment and toys like playhouses, bouncy castles, tricycles and such. They can reach three-digit sums!

6. Bikes And Scooters

I came into the garage one day, pondering which things I can sell. And then it hit me when I saw our old bikes in the corner.

As not everyone can afford brand new bikes or scooters, your old ones will go like hot cakes. They’re perfect for earning quick cash and freeing some more space at home.

7. Books And CDs

They say that every house has a small library. Usually, it’s packed with books you’ve read and CDs (yes, they’re still around) you no longer use. These are one of the easiest for selling.

Old tomes you’re not planning to reread, movies, TV series, video games or albums are only some. You can offer them to antique stores, pawn shops, used bookstores or CD stores and even movie stores. The likes of Cash4Books and Ebay aren’t out of the question, either.

8. Gift Cards

Gift cards, with a full amount or partly used, are good for selling, even though you may not believe it. Rather than keeping them in your wallet, put them to use. In the Internet era, more and more people buy stuff with gift cards. So you won’t have any trouble cashing yours.

Head to GiftCardGranny to make money!

9. Recipes

Yes. You can actually sell the recipes your mother and grandma taught you.

Multiple cooking contests, magazines, and sites like Sunshine or Cooking Light are all willing to publish your recipes. And give you money for that! The more recipes you submit the bigger chances of earning you have.

Your Turn… Sell Stuff From Home And Make Money!

‘What can I sell to make money’ is no longer the main question. With so many things stacked in your house, you only need to actively search for places to cash them in. Whether you decide to visit shops that accept old items or you want to try your luck online, the profit is guaranteed.

What do you think? Can you think of other stuff you can sell to make money? Would appreciate your suggestions and let’s turn this into an Ultimate List!

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    • Tyler @ Oddball Wealth

      Awesome tips! Every one has things sitting around the house which they no longer use and can sell for extra money, it’s also a great way to get rid of clutter.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Thanks Tyler! Great to see you here on my blog, thanks for the comment. Cheers

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