In the latest available UK’s Estate And End Of Life Planning Report comprising responses from 2,093 consumers, it was found that only 35% of adults have had a will drawn up. While at first glance, a will may seem such a simple document stating how one’s assets and personal possessions should be shared after one passes away, the legal consequences of not having a properly drafted will can have far-reaching consequences for loved ones left behind.

Probate solicitors Portsmouth offer dedicated services in the administration of estates and will planning. According to the HomeOwners Alliance, the probate process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months or much longer if there are delays and complications that need ironing out. Considering the long-drawn-out process over months on end, it is not surprising that many choose to have the process handled by legal professionals.

Anyone wishing to have a will drafted should bear in mind that there are rules and regulations that govern will writing, and failure to adhere to these may call the legality of the will into question. The best way to avoid the common pitfalls of do-it-yourself wills is to secure the services of an experienced legal expert.

Best reasons to hire a solicitor to draft a will

Properly drawn-out wills are less likely to be challenged in a court of law. Mistakes in DIY wills most often announce themselves only after the person leaving the will dies.

There are many aspects to writing a will, and some considerations need to be made before a will can even be written. A suitably experienced solicitor will know exactly what practical and legal factors need to be considered according to each client’s situation.
It can happen in sizable estates that one can forget minor details that can impact executing the will. A solicitor experienced in probate and will planning can identify minor as well as major details that need to be covered.

It’s important that everything is laid out so that everything necessary is included in the text. If anything is missed out, then this is going to be a massive problem down the line. For example, if you have got an insurance policy, or you are planning to get one under the advice of someone like Shawn Meaike, this needs to be included in the will if you want it to be distributed the way that you intended.

When the wording of a will is unclear, there is a greater risk that one’s wishes may not be complied with as one would wish as the will can be left open to interpretation. Only a solicitor can make sure that there is no ambiguity left in the wording of a will.

For a will to be legally valid, the document has to be signed correctly with signatures from the relevant witnesses. Having a solicitor to oversee the process can provide peace of mind that all the due processes have been observed.

It is often to avoid the cost of the solicitor’s fees that people decide to go the do-it-yourself route, but in many instances, this can prove to be a costly and time-consuming decision. The costs involved to sort out mistakes can be far more than the initial cost of the services of a solicitor. It is best to leave the legal process in the hands of legal practitioners who know the ins and outs of the process and can sort out any complications that may arise.

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