With the help of the internet, students no longer need a physical classroom. Teachers are now capable of holding classes virtually with great ease and sophistication. The tools they use are no longer limited but extend to colorful and engaging multimedia assets.

Distance learning is a pivotal advancement that has waltzed into the forefront of education. In the past, it would have been unimaginable to go to school while staying within the comfy confines of your home. Now, students all over the world are learning and finishing degrees online.

One of the most common problems students face is procrastination. The minimal supervision of teachers gives them ample time to achieve their goals for the day. However, students also have plenty of time to be busy putting things off until the last minute.

Procrastination hampers learning by making students miss deadlines and provide poor test scores, papers, and projects. The worst part is that it interferes with their character formation and affects their academic and professional choices in the future. Why do we procrastinate in the first place, anyway?

The Science Behind Procrastination

There are many reasons why we procrastinate.These reasons include experiencing anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. The state of our mind can either boost our productivity or hamper it. Other reasons can be abstract goals, rewards that are too far out in the future, and disconnection from oneself.

More often than not, we rely on our self-control to get something done. In turn, our self-control needs the motivation to get things done promptly. Unfortunately, we sometimes face demotivating factors that weigh us down. Other than experiencing anxiety, being overwhelmed, and having abstract goals, these demotivating factors include exhaustion and depression. How can we overcome these challenges?

Sleep Well

How much sleep do you need? Every person requires varying amounts of sleep. However, according to the National Foundation Guidelines, an average adult should sleep between 7 and 9 hours every night. Meanwhile, teenagers, children, and babies should have ample rest between 7 and 8 hours.

Why do we need to have the proper amount of sleep? There are many benefits of being well-rested, including getting along better with other people and thinking more clearly in school and at work. If you want to reduce stress, improve your mood, and lower your risk for serious health problems, then you might want to create a comfortable and solid sleeping routine.

For students, having good rest means waking up with more energy and vigor to conquer the day. Having high power means that they won’t stay in bed longer than needed or procrastinate. This should be the first thing you do to overcome procrastination. Make sure you have the right amount of energy for the day.

Have Breakfast

A good breakfast kick-starts the day and gives you enough nutrients to stay focused. Studies have shown thatstudents who eat breakfast learn and work faster. This means that they can absorb and retain information better. Just having breakfast allows them to improve their scores in mathematics and vocabulary exercises.

Have healthy options for breakfast that include vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and protein. You want to have enough nutrients, not miss school, concentrate, and have a healthy body weight. You also want to meet your daily nutritional needs.

One of the reasons we procrastinate is that we are tired and don’t have enough energy to complete tasks. Simply having breakfast will kick-start your gears and overcome this challenge. After a good night’s sleep, make sure to fill your stomach with a healthy breakfast.

Clean Your Station

Cleaning your room, work, and study station can help you concentrate.Studies have shown that a messy space can clutter your mind and affect your focus. The act of simply putting things away has productivity-boosting effects because it takes away distractions and allows you to zoom in on what you have to do.

One of the biggest reasons why you want to clean is because you want your mind to settle and focus on the lessons rather than wander on the dirty clothes on the floor, the random things on your table, or your unmade bed. You want to learn and study in a clean place.

Online Education is a milestone that offers students a safe, convenient, and advanced environment of learning. However, procrastination is one of the challenges that students have to face. Fortunately, you can overcome this difficulty by simply having good sleep, a healthy breakfast, and a clean station.

These three practical ways of overcoming procrastination are sure to help you have a better mood, ease your anxiety, and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. With the proper habits, you can overcome procrastination and succeed in your studies!



Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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