Unfortunately, teeth are not made to last forever. It is likely that at some point in your life, whether the reason be age, diet or some other lifestyle choice, you may lose a tooth or multiple teeth. For many people, this can be incredibly distressing and may begin to affect their life for a variety of reasons. No one wants to lose confidence over their smile, or change their diet and miss out on their favourite foods. Dental implants Harley Street can give you back the key to your life before tooth loss.

What are they?

Artificial tooth roots are made from titanium screws that are installed into your jaw and will eventually, over time, fuse to your jawbone. They are made to work and look exactly like your real teeth, so you will be able to continue with your life the way you were before losing them. There are options for both fixed and removable prostheses to be attached to the implants.

Are they suitable for me?

You might be wondering if this is the kind of solution that you need. If you’re under the misconception that you can only benefit from implanted teeth if you’ve just one natural tooth missing, then you’re mistaken. Whether you’ve lost one, two or all of your teeth, the installation of these titanium screws will allow you to smile once again, with the confidence of having real teeth. It is advised that those most suitable for this implantation procedure are patients with healthy gums and strong jaws. It is also extremely important that you are committed to taking care of your new teeth, brushing and flossing daily, whilst also attending regular appointments. If you have some kind of bone deterioration, then you should still take a look into this option!

What are the benefits?

To start, the artificial teeth are made to look and work exactly like your real teeth. The shade of tooth enamel will be matched, as will the size of your new tooth and due to the fact they will be screwed into your jaw, anybody who takes a look at your dazzling smile will be none the wiser!

The quality of your speech will be greatly improved. With some other tooth restorative treatments, there is the possibility that they will move around in your mouth and even fall out when you’re speaking. However these artificial teeth in question will be completely screwed into your jaw, allowing you to speak more clearly and without fear of them falling out.

After losing your teeth, your mental health and confidence might have taken a significant dip.

You might have turned down invitations to go out with friends or refused to attend meals with your family out of embarrassment. With these replacement teeth, the world is your oyster! Your appearance, self-esteem and confidence will continue to grow and soar the longer your new teeth are in situ.

Unlike other treatments, your remaining teeth do not need to be altered or moved when installing the implants, allowing for even stronger oral hygiene. The artificial teeth will also begin to support your gums and jaw, which does wonders for your facial appearance, and your bones and face structure will not begin to appear sunken, as can happen without a full set of teeth.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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