Living with missing teeth is something no one hopes to have to do, as the loss of a tooth can often lead to someone experiencing discomfort and other difficulties when using their mouth for everyday tasks such as eating and drinking due to the gum being exposed in the area of the loss.

In a growing number of cases of tooth loss patients are deciding to find ways to replace the teeth they have lost as they find this makes using the mouth for eating a more comfortable experience. This normally leads the patient to look at oral devices such as bridges and dentures, which can prove to come with their own complications and do not provide the patient with a permanent fixed in place solution to the loss they have suffered.

For those wanting to regain the feel of their natural teeth dental implants St Albans can provide a patient with a solution that is hard-wearing and fixed in place, creating a close simulation of the natural tooth or teeth they are being used to replace.

The treatment procedure

What follows is a brief description of replacing a single tooth, when replacing multiple teeth the procedure may differ, patients should consult their dentist for more information about replacing multiple teeth.

Once a patient has committed to having dental implants, they will have to attend an appointment at the dental practice to have them inserted into the mouth. This process begins with a strong titanium screw into the patient’s jawbone to form a strong base for a ceramic crown to sit on, to form the patient’s new tooth.

The ceramic crown is shaped and coloured in ways that will allow it to look natural, making it blend in with any teeth surrounding it. The hope is that over time and with use, the patient will find it difficult to identify the replacement tooth from their own natural teeth.

These new teeth are extremely hard-wearing and are more than capable of dealing with the daily rigours and hazards the teeth are exposed to.

Eating and drinking normally once more

When someone loses a tooth or some teeth, they may find that they make slight changes to the way they use their mouths, as they may feel the need to compensate for the loss as a way to avoid any discomfort, pain, or embarrassment. Commonly patients make changes to their eating habits in order to avoid eating tougher food products such as nuts or steak.

In many cases, patients feel a sense of being liberated when it comes to food after receiving their implants, as they can start eating the foods they really enjoy once more without needing to worry about how tough the food will be to eat. They may also feel they no longer have to be overly concerned about drinking hot liquids, as the gum is no longer exposed and there should be a reduction in the level of sensitivity in the area of the mouth.

For those who have lost teeth at the front of the mouth, smiling may become an issue for them. Having the teeth replaced may be a way to give someone back their smile.

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