Misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, wonky teeth, gaps in your teeth and overcrowding of your teeth, not only affect how you feel about your smile, but also affect your dental hygiene routine. This is because no matter how carefully you may look after your teeth, such issues mean that you may have hard-to-reach areas in which plaque and tartar can build up resulting in many types of dental problems including cavities, tooth decay and even tooth loss.

Inman aligner

If you are looking to correct the aesthetic appearance of your front teeth then you may want to speak to your dentist Meath and find out about getting an Inman aligner. Your front teeth may be crooked, wonky or slightly protruding in comparison to the rest of your teeth and the Inman aligner is ideal to help address this issue. You can use an Inman aligner for either your upper arch or lower arch, or you may wish to correct the appearance of both. The use of an Inman aligner is fast and effective, with an average treatment time of 2-3 months depending on the extent of treatment necessary, making it an excellent choice for dentists and patients alike. Each aligner is composed of two bows that are powered by coil springs to gently squeeze the teeth into a better position. The aligners can be taken out of your mouth and put back in as necessary and are designed to be worn for approximately 20 hours of the day. Visiting your dentist every two or three weeks is important to make sure that the procedure is coming along successfully and that there are no detrimental effects as a result of moving your teeth.

Clearsmile aligner

Clearsmile aligners as the name suggests are made out of clear plastic and provide a highly discreet and convenient treatment option for improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Clearsmile aligners are perfect for misaligned teeth, crooked teeth and wonky teeth. They can be used on the upper arch or lower arch or your full set of teeth where necessary. You may have a few teeth which require attention, in which case the aligner will be designed accordingly. Clearsmile aligners are a popular choice of cosmetic orthodontic treatment amongst patients and dentists alike, using individually tailored aligners which are manufactured according to three-dimensional scans of your teeth and gums, to provide comfort as well as precise and accurate results. These can also be taken out of your mouth and replaced as necessary and are recommended to be worn for approximately 22 hours of the day. The average treatment time with Clearsmile aligners ranges from six months to a year and this depends on the extent of misalignment to begin with.

Both Inman aligners and Clearsmile aligners are more suitable for mild to moderate misalignment issues of the teeth, so if you feel like you require extensive treatment then you may want to speak to your dentist and find out about other orthodontic treatment options which are available for you. Your dentist might also be happy to accept Irish NHS patients for some general dental treatments.

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