Today I’m doing a review of “Commission Dragon”, a new training course put together by Pal Ghosal and Dan Ashendorf, and it shows exactly how Pal makes over $200 every day from CPA marketing.

What’s the story?

Pal is a CPA Marketer, who’s been doing CPA marketing for several years.

What is CPA? Just in case you’re not familiar with CPA yet, I wanted to explain how it works.

CPA means “Cost Per Action”. If you want to make money with CPA, then you go to a CPA network, find an offer which is in your niche, and request links for it.

For example, you might be in the “baby” niche, so you’d go and find an offer for something like a “Free Sample of Baby Food”, where you get paid (for example) $5 USD for every visitor that you refer, who ends up requesting this “Free Sample of Baby Food”.

So then you find a way to get targeted traffic via your link – it can be search engines, emails, Facebook etc.

And every time someone you refer ends up ordering that free sample, you get paid $5 USD for it.

Compared to Affiliate Marketing (where you get paid a commission on an actual sale), CPA offers usually get pretty high conversions, because the customer doesn’t have to BUY something. They only have to request a free trial.

What’s Inside Commission Dragon?

Commission dragon is a training course that shows how Pal Ghosal does CPA in his own business.

Inside, you will find over 10 high-quality videos that cover the following topics:

  • Basics of CPA marketing
  • How to find a profitable niche
  • Best CPA networks, and getting accepted and approved
  • How to get traffic from Bing search engine (you also learn how to get a coupon to get started for free with Bing search traffic)
  • How to set up campaigns
  • Setting up landing pages
  • Building your email list
  • Tweaking your campaigns to be profitable
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Does it actually work?

I’ve known Pal for several years. Over this time, the only thing that he’s been focusing on is CPA marketing.

I’ve seen him try different traffic sources and different networks.

From time to time, he releases training products showing how he does CPA marketing, and I’ve found them to be good quality.

Additionally, inside this “Commission Dragon” training course, in several videos Pal shows his actual results on screen. For example, here is an actual campaign that he created and shows you completely on-screen:


If you pick up “Commission Dragon” through my link, you will get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: My Guide On Getting $30 – $150 USD worth of Bing Ads Credits

There are actually is a way for you to get started so that you can get Bing to give you some starting money for when you first open an account with them. I will show you how you can do it (disclaimer: it’s not guaranteed to work in your country, but it does work in most countries).

Bonus 2: My previous course showing exactly what my partner Jason did to profit over $10k every single month from CPA (selling for $67)

We’re currently selling this course for $67, but it’s yours free if you pick up Commission Dragon through my link.

Bonus 3: Done For You CPA niches & campaigns (selling for $67)

This was an upgrade that we are still selling for $67. Yours free if you pick up Commission Dragon through my link.

Bonus 4: $50k CPA Case Study (selling for $47)

This was an upgrade that we are still selling for $67. Yours free if you pick up Commission Dragon through my link.

Learn how to get $0.01 clicks in any niche.

Bonus 5: Dan Ashendorf’s previous product “100 a day system”

Dan’s guide on what he did to get to his first consistent $100 a day

Bonus 6: Tuberr

Dan’s guide on getting a ton of traffic from YouTube, perfect for CPA offers

Bonus 7: Viral Video Commissions

Another course showing how to get great free traffic for CPA offers

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab “Commission Dragon” through my link:

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NOTE: to get the bonuses, please check in the JVZoo Access area for Greg Kononenko Bonus. If you have any issues please contact me via Contact page or via a reply to any of my emails.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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