Let’s face it, no child is ever going to be overly enthusiastic about doing their homework. Even the most studious of kids can run a mile at the thought of having to come home and spend even more time poring over school work. This is why it is important for you to speak with them and encourage them as much as you can. By incentivizing and working with them you can show them how important homework is and why they need to get it done. Here we have put together some top tips to help encourage your child with their homework.

Teach them why homework is so important

Often children see the smaller rather than the larger picture and can’t see why homework is so important and necessary. Sit down with them and teach them why it is so vital to do it and the skills it can teach them. Whether they want to become a teacher, a trusted lawyer, or something else, they need to know that homework is inevitable to teach them skills they will use later in life and their careers. It can also help them to conquer skills in the classroom and can make their work easier when they are at school.

Encourage them to do it as soon as they get in from school

While procrastination is easy enough to do, it’s a good idea to teach them that this isn’t a good idea. Instead, make them do their homework as soon as they get in so they can then relax and get on with the more fun part of the day. If they keep putting it off, not only might they have a late night, but they also could not do it as well as if they were just coming back from a day of school. By getting it out of the way they can relax after and don’t need to stress about having work to do.

Be there to help and support them with it

Sometimes kids put their homework off because they find it too difficult to do and are embarrassed to say it. Make sure they know that you are there for them and can help them wherever it is possible. Sit down with them and make sure they know what they are doing, assisting where possible but encouraging them to use their own brain and thoughts. You can also offer incentives for when all their homework is done, such as some sweets or an extra fifteen minutes watching TV before bed.

These are just a few top tips to encourage your children with their homework. By showcasing the importance of getting it done and helping them through it, it should show them it’s not something to ignore and put off doing. They should also find their school work easier and feel more confident in their abilities. Have you recently changed your approach to homework and how they do it? Or found a way to encourage them? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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