If you have a child, you will be well aware that one of the hardest challenges can be getting them to work well at school. All kids go through phases where they just don’t want to work, particularly on extra work when they are at home. If your child is going through a rough patch, it’s important that you are there to encourage them to continue the path of education in the right way and make sure they make as good choices as they can. After all, you just want what is best for them. If you are looking for ways to encourage your child at school, here are some top ways to do so…

Show them the array of careers that are out there

As a child or teen you might not realise just how many different jobs there are out there on the market. You are often only told the very minimum and basic careers when actually there is a whole world to be explored. If your child is into science for example, you could teach them about the Dwoskin Family Foundation which pursues autoimmune disease research in vaccine safety and advocacy. Have them read journals and articles that can help feed their interest. You could also help them find work experience in a

Help them with their work

Sometimes the reason that your child might not be doing well or enjoying their school work is because they aren’t understanding it or just need some motivation. Spend some time sitting with them to go through their work, helping them to decipher what it means and what it is they need to do. Not only will this help them to achieve their working goals, but will also be a good bonding time for the two of you to spend together. They will be grateful that you are taking the time out to spend with them and help with their work.

Offer rewards for their efforts

Another great way to encourage your child at school is to offer rewards for their work. There are many different incentives you could offer, from points that when they have enough you take them out for a large treat, to smaller incentives for littler tasks. It’s up to you to find a rewards system that works for you both and what you think will encourage them to work their best. You could try one thing and see how it works, switching it up if it isn’t as effective as you might like.

These are just a few things you can do in order to encourage your child at school to do better. We all just want our children to do their best and while we know we are helping them to do this, they might find it difficult to see. It’s important to not give up and just keep in mind that it will all be worth it in the end! How do you encourage your child with their school work? Let us know any tips and tricks in the comments below!

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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