Buying a new car is likely going to be one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life. The average starting price for a small to medium car is around £19,000, while a bigger SUV can set you back upwards of £26,000. These are huge figures and can set you back a larger chunk of your income each month when you add in all of the other expenses a car owner can bring with it, such as insurance, fuel, maintenance, and parking fees.

But can you get a bargain for your money when buying a used car? Absolutely! Despite popular opinions, there are some tips and tricks you can put to good use if you buy a brand-new vehicle. These strategies can help you secure a better price or even get added extras for your money, potentially saving you a significant amount. So, don’t be discouraged by the initial price tag, there’s always a way to make your purchase more affordable.


Don’t shy away from haggling with your dealer. It’s not just a suggestion; it’s an expectation. Dealers and car salespersons anticipate that you won’t settle for the advertised price. While they may not meet your exact figure, they often have discounts they can offer on models and cars, potentially saving you a significant amount. Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So, always inquire about their best price and be ready to negotiate for a better deal. You have the power to shape the price to your advantage.

Time It Well

Did you know there are optimal times for purchasing brand-new motors? Choosing to buy a car at the end of a sales quarter can unlock more savings, especially if dealerships need to hit sales targets and quotas. The financial year starts in April, so going at the end of each three-month block, for example, around June or September, can unlock bigger discounts and better prices in some cases; not all, but it could work for you. Also, timing your purchase right before a new licence plate is set to drop; this happens on the 1st of March and September each year can help you to get a better deal on the plate that is about to be replaced if you don’t mind your number plate not showing as the brand new one on the road. Talk to your local vauxhall dealer about the best time to buy a new car if you’re unsure and see what you can get within your budget.

Shop Around

Before making your decision, it’s crucial to shop around. When it comes to buying a brand-new car, you may have a specific model in mind, but it’s important to communicate this to your dealership. Consider a few models so you can compare prices and leverage the fact that other cars are also in contention for your purchase. This can help you play each dealer off against each other, potentially securing a better deal. Combine this with the timing strategy mentioned earlier, and you could unlock further discounts or upgrades on specifications.

Buying a new car isn’t cheap, everyone knows this, even the cost of the average used vehicle has risen in recent years. But there are specific strategies you can employ, such as negotiating the price, timing your purchase, and shopping around to save money when buying a new car and help you get the best deal possible.


Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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