The Bevis Producer Review: How smart people “Spy” on and “Copy” other successful campaigns to make $2k a week

What do you prefer – “trying and testing” or copying other people’s successful campaigns?

No, it’s not a trick question. And if you’re a reasonable person, I’m sure you’ll prefer to copy other people’s successful campaigns.

And that’s exactly how Nishkarsh and Srijan have made over $2,000,000 over the last 12 months… And exactly how their students make approximately $2k a week a short time after implementing their method inside their latest course called “The Bevis Producer”.


Watch the video below to see how they made over $2m in my detailed Review of “The Bevis Producer”:

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Buy The Bevis Producer at Earlybird Price + Get My Unique Bonuses

The Bevis Producer Review

In summary, The Bevis Producer is a new training course that shows how to research and copy successful campaigns.

The method revolves around printable wear, like t-shirts, singlets, and hoodies.

For example, a t-shirt that says "I know a guy... He touched my heart... He's my best friend... His name is Papa". This is a very popular design which is bought my a lot of a lot of parents for their kids. And you can sell this kind of products by putting the images of this shirt in front of parents, who will be very likely to buy it.

Watch my video review above for examples of the shirts!

Before you go "oh no, this stuff is so old", I recommend you to check out the results 🙂

This stuff may be old, but it works today just as well as it did years ago. People in certain markets buy various t-shirts with various prints like crazy. Sometimes they buy them for the whole family!

Imagine selling 5 t-shirts for the whole family in one order... at $49 each... that's $250 in one purchase! And to fulfil that kind of order through a printing house might only cost you $100 or less. That's a profit of $150 that you can make in just 1 transaction. And all of it is completely automated.

Doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

Especially when you throw in a ton of free traffic methods that you can use to get a flood of buyers to your t-shirt sites.

How Can You Make Money With "The Bevis Producer"?

Here is the summary of the Bevis Producer review video (above). Here is how the Bevis Producer course and plugin can help you take advantage of the t-shirt craze:

  • You will learn how to research previous successful t-shirt designs (by the way, it's not just t-shirts, but also hoodies, singlets, etc)
  • You will need to find a previous design with at least 500 shares (super easy to research)
  • After that, you screenshot that design, send it to another designer on Fiverr and ask them to make a similar design (change a few words, change images, etc)
  • Why? Well, you ALREADY KNOW that this t-shirt or hoodie design is in high demand (because of the 500+ shares it received on Facebook)
  • So basically it's like shooting fish in a barrel - you're just copying what's already successul

What happens next? Ok, so by now you've got a design that you know will sell like crazy. So you just need to get it in front of the hungry buyers. Here's how to do that:

  • You will learn how to find a reliable supplier who will print your design on hoodies, singlets, t-shirts, etc and will also ship it to the buyers for you
  • You don't need to hold inventory or stock anything
  • You will learn how to list your design for sale on a website (either Shopify or your own site - see my bonus for how to do it on your own site)
  • When you get the traffic to your site, people will buy the t-shirt with the design (let's say for $50)
  • Then, you will need to send a fulfilment request to the supplier to have that design printed and shipped to the buyer (you don't need to do the shipping yourself)
  • The supplier will print the design, and ship it to the buyer
  • You pay the supplier the "wholesale price" of lets say $25, and keep the other $25 as your profit

... And then just scale and repeat! Send more traffic to make more money.

The "Bevis Producer" course shows you how to do all that, as well as how to drive traffic to the store once you've listed your designs.

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Does The Bevis Producer Really Work?

Yes, here are some of the results that Nishkarsh and Srijan have been getting:

$300k sales in March 2018:

And results from one of the students who took this course a few months ago:

Bevis Producer Review Verdict

If you're sick and tired of trying other methods, this could be a good model for you to finally adopt and take action on.


  • It's easy to explain to your friends and family what you do. You have an online store that sells printed clothes 🙂
  • You can get free traffic to your store pretty easily, because these designs go viral on social media
  • The course covers the whole model, as well as 2 ways of getting traffic (a free method - Instagram, and also the Facebook Paid Ads method)
  • Training is well structured and logically laid out
  • There is a case study, which means that these guys are actually doing the method themselves


  • There will be some outlay: you should expect to pay $10 a year for domain registration, and around $5-10/month in hosting fees for your domain
  • You may also need to pay around $10-$20 a month to Shopify to have your store hosted (but check my bonus if you'd like a way to have an online store without monthly costs)

I think this is an excellent course, which is based on real results, and also has ample student proof. I think it's very beneficial for everyone, unless you're already successful with a completely different unrelated method.

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Thank you for reading my Bevis Producer Review! Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

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