Human Resources is the most important and central aspect that must be invested and nurtured in the organization and therefore the optimal motivation of employees is the core business of the manager. One of the important questions that managers ask themselves is how to develop and maintain motivation over time among employees, in order for them to work optimally to achieve personal and organizational goals. Here are some tips to increase motivation among employees:

Increase involvement and incentives

Increasing employee involvement in creating the personal and organizational future gives it a sense of security. The employer can share things with the employee regarding the organization’s strategic plans, reflecting how the employee fits into the plans. This contributes to both employees and managers in creating a clear and coordinated future picture. You should also consider offering your workers health care or insurance. You can learn more about that. This is a great incentive for your employees.

Professional training program

Delivering professional and managerial content to the employee while emphasizing the process of creating a sense of identification is great. This should also be in alignment with the employee’s abilities and the organization’s goals. When an employee comes to an organization, one of the issues that interests them most is a reflection of their progress. The program creates a clear picture of a professional development and progress track for the employee and thus provides an incentive from their first day at work.

Identification with the values ​​of the organization

When an employee identifies with the core values ​​of the organization and comes from a place of personal connection to the task, he or she is required to do, this will most likely lead to maximum effectiveness and with it in direct proportion to high-level success. A common process that can create empathy is in cases where the manager shares and communicates things with their employees in an understanding way. In this situation, the manager closes the bridge and brings the employee closer. The collaboration can be expressed from relatively simple managerial issues to the employee’s involvement in building strategic plans of the organization, while team thinking and formulating the goals of the organization.

Sharing and transparency

Sharing gives the employee self-confidence that and the knowledge that their opinion is important. This makes them feel that their status in the company is important. The employee can be given a sense of responsibility and the ability to manage, express himself or herself as a leader and bring managerial and professional issues to team meetings and bring important issues to the agenda. They can learn new skills that they can take onto new jobs and opportunities – it is vital for growth in all parts. Ongoing meetings with senior management up to the level of the CEO (as far as possible) that deal with issues not only in the job, but also in the employee’s personal life, create a good opportunity for the CEO to get to know the employee. Afterall, your employees are part of your team, not just your workers.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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