Bad habits are terrible, and they can have a huge effect on our lives as a whole. Bad habits can stop us from having a body which makes us confident, it can prevent us from being healthy, and it can stop us doing what we want to do in life. Everyone has bad habits, and here are some better habits you can try to replace them with this year.

Money management

If you are a young adult who has just got used to paying out for bills and everything else, then you will likely need some help in the money management department. To avoid having to take loans like for every little thing, you can learn to budget your month better and in turn you will be able to save money for things you really need such as a house, a car or even a wedding.

Think positive

When we live our day to day lives, there are a lot of things which can stress us out and make us feel angry. The difficulty with this is learning how to look on the positive side and see things in a better light. Although it might seem ridiculous to simply make bad situations into positive ones, it can make a huge difference to your overall mood, stress levels and happiness throughout your life. By letting go of the little issues you will open yourself up to happiness.


There are too many couch potatoes in the world. If you are one of them, you need to start thinking about your health and your happiness in more detail. Staying fit and healthy is not only good for our body confidence, but it allows our body to stay in tip top shape and keep us healthy for a longer life. So next time you are watching your favourite show on tv, drop on the floor and do some sit ups instead of sitting down on the couch! Make small changes and get active for a happy body.


Stop trying to do everything at once. Although it can make you feel super productive and proud of yourself: carrying out tonnes of tasks at the same time can just make you stressed out and it will make you rush your tasks. If you want to complete a task in the right way and in good quality, you need to focus all of your attention on it.

Be kind

Finally, the best habit you can possibly bring into your life is the act of kindness. Be kind to everyone you meet and be kind even if they aren’t kind to you. Everyone has their own problems and it is a fact that the people who lash out are the ones who need love the most. Support everyone you meet and you will feel less stressed, more connected, and happier. You may even be the person who changes the course of someone’s life. Kindness is a powerful tool.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

My name is Greg Kononenko and I am a full-time online blogger and owner of Dad's Hustle. I'm a dad, and my passion is to help other mums and dads to start their own "hustle" and improve the financial future of their families.

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