Pinterest is a really good traffic source. And, it’s FREE! You can get massive traffic, fast, without paying anything for it. Personally, I get 300-2,000 daily visitors total from Pinterest to my 4 blogs:

And my blogging mastermind partner Stefan gets 2,000 – 14,000 visitors a day from Pinterest. That’s crazy huge traffic, and we don’t pay anything – all this traffic is FREE! (see screenshots below).

To get this traffic from Pinterest, up until now, I have had to pay $49/month for relevant tools: $19 a month for MassPlanner to get followers, and $30 a month to Board Booster to automate all my pinning. That’s $49/month, or nearly $600/year.

Today, a new software is launching which will do all these things (and much more), and only during launch period they will have one-off pricing of just $34.95 earlybird (then going up to $37 on Day 1, $47 on Day 2, $57 on Day 3, $67 on Day 4 and finally $97 on last day).

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Watch the video below to see my review of Board Commander:

Click here, use coupon “TENOFFBC” to get $10 off + My Biggest Ever Bonus

Click here, use coupon “TENOFFBC” to get $10 off + My Biggest Ever Bonus

Board Commander Demo:

Click here, use coupon “TENOFFBC” to get $10 off + My Biggest Ever Bonus

Going Live to the Market in…

Board Commander Review

LAUNCH BONUS OFFER: You get ALL MY PRODUCTS, every single product I’ve ever released, if you get Board Commander through my link (offer valid only till April 26)

Board Commander is a software that automates the whole process of getting traffic from Pinterest.

As I was mentioning above, I currently get up to 2,000 visitors a day to my 4 blogs. Stefan Ciancio, the creator of Board Commander, gets up to 14,000 daily visitors (top line says 15,000, bottom line 7,500 in case you can’t see):

Board Commander will replace the recurring monthly tools that bloggers use for Pinterest traffic. In order to get all this traffic, the tools that Stefan and I previously used were:

  • On brand new accounts, we grow our followers on a new account to 1,000. We were previously using a tool called Mass Planner which costs $19/month
  • Then after we get to 1,000 followers, we apply to become part of Group Boards. Once accepted, we started pinning our “money pages” to Group Boards using Board Booster, which costs $30/month

As you can see, this used to cost us $49/month in software fees.

Board Commander will replace all these tools, and it’s a one-off fee (will start at $34.95 when it first goes live). That’s a huge saving, because instead of paying $600/year you could get all these tools for a one time fee of less than $40.

Click here, use coupon “TENOFFBC” to get $10 off + My Biggest Ever Bonus

On top of this, Board Commander comes with complete training and other modules. Check this out:

What’s Inside Board Commander:

  • Follow / Unfollow Module

This module can be set up to grow your followers on Auto-Pilot. The more followers you have, the more traffic you will have. If you leave it running, it can bring you approximately 100-200 new followers a day (3,000 – 6,000 new followers a month). All real, human followers. Board Commander simply does what a social media manager would do manually.

  • Module to search for Group Boards, and a Module to Auto-pin to Group Boards

Group boards are a secret ingredient for Pinterest. You can join boards which have 2,000 or 10,000 or even 100,000 followers (there are a few tricks, but it’s all possible with Board Commander). Then you can pin your “money pages” to those group boards. For example, your money page might be your optin / squeeze page, or an affiliate review, or a sales page, or a page from an eCom store.

Then you “share” that money page to the group board. And it will become instantly visible to thousands of followers of that board.

Board Commander will also automate pinning to these group boards. You can set up pinning schedules. For example, you might pin 3 of your “money pages” a day to 50 boards a day. That’s 150 money pages of yours shared to tens of thousands of followers daily.

That’s how you get massive traffic – by joining dozens of huge group boards, and auto-pinning to them.

All hands-off, you don’t need to do anything after you set it up.

  • Complete training tutorials

Board Commander has full tutorials on how to use it and how to get traffic using it. You’re shown how to use every single function. You’re also shown the strategy that Stefan follows to grow massive following and get 12,000+ visitors a day from Pinterest.

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Board Commander Pricing:

Here is how the pricing is going to work:

  • Earlybird price $34.95 from 10am to 2pm US Eastern on April 23rd, 2017
  • After Earlybird, day 1 price will be $37, from 2pm US Eastern on April 23rd
  • Day 2 $47 (April 24th 2017)
  • Day 3 $57 (April 25th 2017)
  • Day 4 $67 (April 26th 2017)
  • At the end of the launch it will go to  $97 at 11:59 pm on Day 4 (from April 27th 2017 onwards)


I am giving away EVERY PRODUCT I have ever released as a bonus. Why? Because I love Board Commander and Pinterest so much, and I really want you guys to experience the huge Pinterest Traffic as well.

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Bonus 8: My additional training showing you how to get traffic from YouTube

Passive Income Ninja has some good tips on getting YouTube traffic. I will give you my video showing you some other techniques that will help.

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You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab Board Commander through my link:

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NOTE: to get the bonuses, please reply to my email with your JVZoo purchase receipt. Alternatively, please contact me via the Contact page on this website.

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