Your mind is travelling a millions miles per hour when you have a car crash. It’s part of our evolutionary mind to not only think fast but also make the situation seem like it’s in slow motion. We can think more clearly even during harrowing situations if we feel that our life is in danger. Perhaps this is why you could be let off the hook for not remembering things after a collision. So much happens so quickly that the fine detail is not fully registered in your mind.

One cannot be held guilty of not remembering what happened when outside of a courtroom but, if you cannot hold true to some details of the collision then you can be found at fault. It’s best then to know what your rights are immediately after the accident.

All too often people don’t know what they should do to protect themselves in this kind of scenario but physically and legally. Here’s how not to make some common mistakes.

Keeping your lips sealed

You don’t have to talk to anyone after a collision. Right there at the road side you don’t need to talk to the party that crashed into you. They may know that they are at fault and just want you to say something that could put this into doubt. Even saying that you thought you could be wrong can end up hurting your case later on when you want to sue for compensation. You don’t have to speak to their lawyer until you have spoken to your own. Some people might try to intimidate you by saying they have their lawyer on the phone and they would like to speak to them. You’re not obligated to contact their legal team at all until a suit has been filed and even then, it will be your lawyer doing the talking for you.

Help your legal team

It’s going to cost far less if you can help your legal team with locational evidence about the collision. This means taking pictures of the skid marks if any. Taking pictures of where your car was hit and where their car hit you. The extensive damage to your vehicle in other places. Your personal injury law firm will use these pictures and or video footage to come to an irrefutable conclusion of who is the at-fault party. You have every right to take pictures of the crash scene. Firstly you’re in a public space therefore the other party cannot stop you in the first place. Since you are the victim or one of the party in the crash, you have a right to capture evidence that could clear you from serving a prison sentence. If the other party is stopping you physically taking pictures or video, document this and a simple case of having something to hide can be used against them.

You have the right to remain silent and not speak to the other party involved in the collision. If you’re disorientated and or hurt, you could say something that you don’t mean and are unsure about. Don’t fall into the trap of being intimidated into speaking with their lawyers at the side of the road either.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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