One of my associates Shahnawaz Sadique has found a really powerful, new way  of doing affiliate marketing.

Instead of playing around with paid ads, he’s found a way to drive huge amounts of 100% free traffic to his websites, and he’s been monetizing it using the Amazon Affiliate Program.

So far, he’s generated over 1,200,000 visitors to his niche sites, and he’s made over $60,000 USD in commissions. The best part is that all this traffic and commissions are passive – so he can take a month off work and he will still make $4-5k in commissions.

Watch the video below to see exactly how he turned a $10 investment into a domain into a $148/day income stream:

Click Here at 10am US EST To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus
Click Here at 10am US EST To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus

Going Live In…

Affiliate Rebirth Review Summary:

Please watch the video for the FULL review & demo of everything inside the Affiliate Rebirth system.

However, here are the main points from my video:

  • Shahnawaz runs 4 successful websites that are getting 50,000 – 100,000 free targeted visitors per month
  • His income for July 2016 was $4,600 USD, and that is commissions, pure profit
  • He runs 4 sites. 2 older sites, that are well established, and 2 new sites that he started in late 2016. His newer sites are already getting 2,000 – 3,000 free targeted visitors every single day
  • Inside this course we partnered up to show you every step of his niche site method
  • You will learn how to pick a profitable niche, how to build a site, how to drive traffic, and how to monetize it
  • There are no paid ads involved, all traffic is 100% free
  • The traffic will grow every single month
  • The method is 100% passive (after you do the initial set up work)
  • The only investment required is $10 domain and hosting which you might already have (we do recommend some essential keyword tools, but we also show some free tool options)
Click Here at 10am US EST To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus

OTO’s / Upsells Overview

Main training will be $16.95 during the first 6 hours, and the price will go up from there.

OTO1 is going to be $47 and will contain Done For You niches:

  • List of 10 DFY profitable niches
  • Fully researched keywords for each of 10 niches
  • Long Tail Pro keyword research outputs for each of 10 niches
  • Amazon keyword tool research outputs for each of 10 niches
  • Keyword research of 3 top competitors in each of 10 niches
  • Full report on each of 3 top competitors in each of 10 niches
  • Best-converting affiliate products to promote in each of 10 niches

OTO2 is going to be $67 and will contain 4 case studies, about the 4 sites that Shahnawz owns. You will learn the URL’s of 2 sites, and for each site you will learn the niche that it’s in, how he built the backlinks, which products he promoted, etc. It’s like spying on successful sites, where you can steal the knowledge directly from the case study sites.

OTO3 is going to be $27 and contains some additional advance link building methods. You do not NEED this, main system will work without it. This upgrade is only for those who really want to learn some cool SEO methods.

Exclusive Bonuses

If you pick up “Affiliate Rebirth” through my link, you will get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: My previous course showing how we’re getting 5,000 – 15,000 visitors per day to our sites 

This is a course called “Pullii”, currently selling for $27. It shows how my partner Stefan Ciancio and I are currently getting 5,000 – 15,000 visitors per day to our blogs.

Bonus 2: Exclusive Collection of IM Graphics (Currently Sold For $27)

For anything you do online, you need stunning graphics to make your products and services more professional. That’s why we have decided to also provide you with a collection of stunning IM graphics. There are over 650 high quality templates for anything you might possibly need: arrows, bullets, banners, ebook templates, fonts, headers, icons, you name it… It will be a huge help for you in anything you do online. And you can easily use this pack to create amazing profit-pulling sites using the Affiliate Rebirth system.

Bonus 3: Micro Case Studies Bundle (Valued at 67)

Whenever Stefan or I get results doing something new, they document them in little micro case studies. You’ll get a neat bundle of some of their best micro case studies including traffic method results, easy quick profits, cheap leads and more. These are battle-tested by them and will give you insider knowledge to boost your traffic and profits.

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab “Affiliate Rebirth” through my link:

Click Here at 10am US EST To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Bonus

NOTE: to get the bonuses, please check in the members download area. If you have any issues please contact me via Contact page or via a reply to any of my emails.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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