Affiliate Raid Review: 68-76% Optin Rate Using Giveaway Software (23,095 Leads Generated So Far)

In today’s blog post “Affiliate Raid review” I am reviewing a new method of building your list which has delivered astonishing optin rates of 68-76% and generated 23,095 leads so far.

The “twist” is that this new product gives you 10 x of your own high-quality software to give away. Software is in such huge demand that people grab it like crazy, opting in to your email list. And that’s how you can get these huge optin rates.

Watch the video below to see my detailed Affiliate Raid Review:

Buy Affiliate Raid at Earlybird Price + Get My Unique Bonuses

Buy Affiliate Raid at Earlybird Price + Get My Unique Bonuses

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Affiliate Raid Review

In summary, Affiliate Raid is a package of 10 high-quality software products which you can give away for free to build your list.

Traditionally, when someone wants to build their email list, they have an optin page offering some kind of a report or a newsletter subscription. For example, "Access my free course showing how I lost 10 pounds in 30 days".

These kinds of optin methods are old... People are becoming blind to them because usually these optin gifts are low quality. So website visitors don't have enough motivation.

With Affiliate Raid, you will instantly get giveaway rights to 10 high-quality software products which are truly useful. And you will be able to give away these software instead of a mediocre report.

Naturally, software has a very high perceived value. And nearly everyone who sees offer of a free software will want to get it.

How Can You Make Money With "Affiliate Raid"?

Affiliate Raid will let you build your email list fast:

  • Once you buy Affiliate Raid, you will get giveaway rights to 10 different software products
  • You can give them away on your blog or website, in forums, on Facebook, in Facebook groups, and anywhere else you want
  • Once people download each software package, they will be asked to register their software product using their email address
  • You will get their "good" email address (not some bunk email which they never check)
  • Once the software is registered, the email address is added to your Autoresponder

Clearly, this is a much better way of building your list than giving away a low-quality report.

Buy Affiliate Raid at Earlybird Price + Get My Unique Bonuses

Does Affiliate Raid Really Work?

For those of you who have tried building your email lists, this is a no-brainer. You won't need any kind of proof that it really works. As long as you know that the software is decent quality and that you can give it away, you should be able to easily see the huge potential of this offer.

However, the creators of the package Richard Fairbairn and Paul O'Keeffe have provided a lot of proof on the sales page of the lists that they have built using the Affiliate Raid package:

23,095 leads they've accumulated:

affiliate raid review

68% optin rate on a recent giveaway:

affiliate raid results

And 76% on another recent giveaway:

afffiliate raid examples

What is inside?

When you purchase Affiliate Raid, you get access to the following:

  • 10 High Quality Software products with giveaway rights

You can use these software products to build your list. These software products are excellent quality, not some PLR rubbish. They were custom-developed by Paul O'Keeffe and Richard Fairbairn.

You can give them away to build your list. You can do it via page, as a bonus, in Facebook groups, on Twitter, on Forums, anything you want, any way you want.

After you give them away, people will download and install the software and they will immediately be asked to "activate" the software using an email address. As soon as they activate it using the email address, they will be added to your email list.

The email that they use to activate the software effective becomes the "optin".

  • 4 additional High Quality Software products with giveaway rights (only during first 72 hours of the launch)

If you pick up Affiliate Raid during the first 72 hours of the launch, you will also get access to 4 additional software products with full giveaway rights.

  • Training Videos on how to use these software products to build your list

You will also get access to excellent training videos from Paul and Richard who will show you exactly what you need to do to build your email list with the software products included inside Affiliate Raid.

Affiliate Raid Review Verdict

Ok, so what do I personally think about Affiliate Raid?


  • Everyone needs this - you can't have too many software products to give away.
  • You can use it as a bonus, for example if you're promoting a product as an affiliate, you can include one of these products as a bonus for buying via your link.
  • The 10 x Software products that you get are high quality.


  • I honestly can't think of any. Usually I find some negatives in most products, but I can't think of any here.

Overall, my verdict is that virtually everyone who does any kind of marketing online should get this package. You will get 10 excellent products which you can use to build your list or to give as bonuses.

Buy Affiliate Raid at Earlybird Price + Get My Unique Bonuses

The Funnel / Upgrades

Main Product: $27 during the opening day, then slowly increasing afterwards

With this you will get access to the 10 software products (+4 bonus ones during first 72 hours of the launch).

Upgrade 1, Affiliate Raid Pro: $37

Pro version which includes the upgraded versions for each of the 10 software versions included in the main product. All pro versions have extra features and are upsold within the lite versions. So any of your giveaway prospects later upgrading to Pro can then start to also monetise given the free software away as well as building a list and you will be entitled to 100% of the income generated from any ‘pro’ upgrades.

Upgrade 2, Affiliate Raid Master: $27/month or $297 one-off

Master Rights which includes all source code to each piece of software. So the whole thing can be rebranded, re-developed, you can do whatever you want with the code and make a new enhanced version or just rename it as your own. It also includes full brand rights comes with one new piece of software added every month and will cost $27 per month or $297 one time fee.

Buy Affiliate Raid at Earlybird Price + Get My Unique Bonuses

Best Affiliate Raid Bonus

My Unique Bonus for Affiliate Raid:

If you decide to get Affiliate Raid through my link, here are the bonuses that you will receive:

Bonus 1: (My Unique Bonus) Personal Licence and Reseller Licence to "Lander Builder"

Lander Builder is a complete drag and drop page builder complete with analytics and branded domains. This is a web application you get a personal license plus a resellers license.

Bonus 2: (My Unique Bonus) Personal Licence and Reseller Licence to "Soci-Enigma"

The one stop content creation and posting engine for the three top networks. Create, edit and schedule rich media content for the ultimate engagement with your audience.

Bonus 3: Software Biz in a Box:

affiliate raid review and bonus

Complete business in a box SAAS app. 

Profit from the video craze right now and start your own video SAAS (software as a service) Video software sells 10,000's of copies on platforms on JVZOO and now you have your very own app.
The software runs on your hosting, you control and you charge whatever you wish.
One time fee or monthly it's up to you. You decide and you charge for it.
This is a powerful video tool which cost over $4500 to develop.

Multi User

You control your users access. So you sell what you want and you control your users.
affiliate raid bonuses
Bonus 4: Software Biz in a Box Sales Materials:
Bonus 5: Online Success Model

Over 100 Training Videos + 50 PDF'S

Worried about driving traffic to your new app, don't be we have over 100 training videos and 50 PDF's in our Online Success Model training section.
We have ever type of niche covered from Youtube to Twitter, Retargeting to JV recruiting, Mobile Marketing to Product creation.
Not only do you get 100 videos but you also get 50 PDF's everything you need to create traffic to your software video app or any other product.
Bonus 6: Reseller Box Mastery
Bonus 7: Build Your Audience
Bonus 8: Clipboard Spyware Defender
Bonus 9: Content Publishing Profits:
Bonus 10: 20-Part Video Course
Bonus 11: How To Make Money From Your WordPress Blog
Bonus 12: How To Build Profitable Lists

NOTE: to get the bonuses mentioned in the Affiliate Raid review above, look inside your JVZoo account for "Greg Kononenko's Bonus". Alternatively, please contact me via the Contact page on this website.

Buy Affiliate Raid at Earlybird Price + Get My Unique Bonuses

Thank you for reading my Affiliate Raid Review! Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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